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Thread: ADOPTED: Rosie in Ohio 8 m/o ACD at risk of euthanasia

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    Default ADOPTED: Rosie in Ohio 8 m/o ACD at risk of euthanasia

    This is a quotation from Craigslist. Unfortunately lists today as possible day of euthanizing. She looks to be fullbred, but I am not well versed in posting the photo.

    "These dogs are in danger of being put down Fri. Feb 10, 2012 for space because they are at a small rural shelter with only 18 pen please adopt one and help safe there life. The ones below are the ones in danger. For more info on dogs go to All dogs are very friendly and all are dog and kid friendly unless noted not to be.

    Adoption fee is $17 Cash it includes ohio dog license and 5 way shot

    List of dogs needing homes this week
    Urgent #7 Rosie blue heeler 8 months old female (pic below)

    Carroll County Dog Pound

    Kensington Rd. NE, Route 9

    Carrollton, OH 44615

    Pound number 330-627-4244

    open mon thru fri 7am-4pm"

    I could pull her next Tuesday morning if she has somewhere to go to...Of course, i don't know for sure that she hasn't already been put down today.

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    Default Re: Rescue available? Rosie in Ohio 8 m/o ACD at risk of euthanasia

    According to Facebook, Rosie was adopted! She is very lucky. Volunteers have been working hard to get the rest (non-heeler) out before it's too late
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