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    This is a True Story. Our daughter is a real estate appraiser and owner of a blue ACD, Angel. We were in Kingsburg, CA appraising a property looking for comps, when what did our wondering eye appeared a really BEAUTIFUL, red male (not neutered) walking down a side street.

    She got out of the car (I was driving), went over to him and asked him, "Where do you belong, Let's go find your Daddy." This pretty boy almost said, "yeah, I'm not supposed to be out here, come with me." He led her to a house around the corner and a couple of houses down the block. Took her to the front door. She rang the bell, no answer and so was led by the dog to the side gate. She opened the gate, he went in and we drove away.

    It was then, I asked her, "Let's hope you didn't just put him into someone else's yard where there is a lady looking for a boyfriend." I really think ACD's are that smart. He could be conning folks into letting him into the wrong back yard, but I hope not. True Story EJ

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    HA! I wouldn't be surprised....lets just hope there won't be another unwanted litter of mixed-breed puppies.
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