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Thread: 1 Week of Sales Left to Benefit R&R Rescue

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    Default 1 Week of Sales Left to Benefit R&R Rescue

    Just wanted everyone to know that April 1st is the cut off date for 30% of sales from my store benefiting R&R Rescue. The store will continue to run throughout the year with 30% going to ACD Calender funds so I can continue to help raise funds for cattle dogs in need.

    Please take another look in the store Mel worked so hard to create making this possible for me. I would like her to get as much benefit for her rescue as she can.

    I will also do custom orders and apply 30% of those proceeds to the current rescue being sponsored. Just pee mail me if you have any questions.

    Also if you are a rescue and would like a fundraiser done like a jewelry party or a bead party like the one R&R held in Columbia, SC, in February, let me know. I do travel.

    If this is in the wrong place or it needs to be changed please feel free to do it Mel.

    Thank you all so much for all your support.
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