View Full Version : Kris Brookshire works a rescue miracle!

12-09-2007, 01:44 PM
First a huge THANK YOU to Sue at the rescue in Illinois, for saving more than a dozen cattledogs over the past couple of months!!!!...:flower...and now...

An amazing woman (nurse) with bad knees and a love of dogs, Kris Brookshire, is doing a wonderful thing this weekend. On Friday, she went to her local humane society in Cape Girardeau, MO, and picked up a number of crates, took them home and thoroughly cleaned them all, then went to work...On Saturday, she rented a van, put all the crates in it, and drove to the Texarkana (TX/AR/LA border area) city pound, then rented a motel that allowed pets; and today, is driving 3 Cockers and 4 Cattledogs to safety toward IL. They will stay on the MO/IL border, and tomorrow, Sue with the rescue in IL will go pick up the 4 ACDs. TWO OF THE ACDS ARE THE SISTERS--AMY & CAYLEE--FROM THE DALLAS AREA, WHO WERE TO BE PUT DOWN 12/4 BUT RESCUED BY MERI-LOU AND LOU, THEN SENT TO TEXARKANA TO BE PART OF THIS CARA-VAN!!!!

IF what you think they did is GREAT :))please drop a line to Lou who did the pickups & transport around Dallas
[email protected];
Meri-Lou, who arranged to have the sisters cared for at her vet awaiting transport
[email protected] ([email protected]);
Susan, who did transport runs to get the cattledogs to and from boarding at wee hours
[email protected];
Jeff, who coordinated everything in Texarkana and got collars on the cattledogs this a.m.
[email protected];
And most especially Kris Brookshire, the nurse with the rented van and the BIG HEART who is saving the sisters + 2 other ACDs!!!
[email protected]!!!