View Full Version : How i got my 1st ACD(Long)

07-02-2007, 05:48 PM
This thing with ACDs all started when we moved up town,the people next door had 3 ACDs..2 females and 1 male.The females were:Patch and Katie.Katie was blind and could not see at all,We had to help her cross the street alot of times.Patch she was my buddy! she was over at my house every night just about.She did not want to leave half the time.I wanted Patch sooo darn bad! i asked for her but i never got her,she had puppies but they were not pure ACDs and they all passed away,i dont really know what happen to them.Well,i beged and beged for an ACD..and looked in every paper that i could find..but no luck.So one day my mother was up at the vet's office and they told her about a man who was dieing from cancer that had an ACD that he wanted to have a good home.Well,we called his son and he told us that this dog was a blue-colored female and was very sweet and loving..and needed a good home.They did not want her going to some home where they'd be ugly to her.So when we went to pick her up,she had a name:Molly,but he told us that she did not know it very well,so we changed it to Patches that soon got shorted to Patch.Patch stayed at my house for a while,untill the other people that lived by us started seeing her taken things from there yards,well that had to stop...So she went to live with my grandperants(My grand-father has never had an ACD untill Patch) He did not know what to think about her,she was always into something or chaseing stuff..But she was very attched to me,she would not go anywhere without me.If i went some where...there she would be.I miss her very much!.She loved my mother,but now my step-father that was other story.She loved everyone she knew :)