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05-27-2007, 05:12 PM
in november 2004 two straying dogs almost killed my then 13 month old linus in our backyard. we had to operate him twice (i am a vet tech and passed out for the first time in my life during an operation) and didn't know for several days if he would survive it. we had 7 drains in him and the last and most severe wound closed after 6.5 weeks.
last year my friend larry mccampbell from merrigang kennels wrote a story about that incident and it was published in the acd quarterly. i would like to share that story with you as it was touching me deeply. thank you so much larry!!!

Linus, Profile Of A True Cattle Dog
I have often sat admiring my wonderful Australian Cattle Dogs and wondered, what is a Cattle Dog, what makes them what they are, what are their defining characteristics that make them such a great breed. These questions would get varying answers depending on whom you ask. Well, for me I think this story defines an Australian Cattle Dog as well as anything I have ever heard.

My story starts in Finland and is pretty ordinary in nature. It starts with the birth of a litter of the most beautiful pups you have yet to whelp. You have all felt this way, right? Windwarrior’s Magic Boomerang came into this world a bundle of furry joy and grew quickly to a strong, healthy puppy, full of energy, with the desire to smell and taste everything at the same time. Life was just so exciting, where does a pup start. He ran this way and that way. Things commonly got all mixed up in a pile of tails and feet, and that was ever so much fun.

One day, that was especially wonderful and exciting, a stranger came to visit. She was a very tall stranger, with red hair! Can you imagine that, a person with red hair! The only thing Linus had ever seen with red hair was that mangy older cattle dog in the next yard over; everyone knows cattle dogs are suppose to be blue, right? Well she had a nice smile, with twinkling eyes and smelled real good. Linus was sure that meant this new person must surely have something good to eat. She could scratch and tickle a dog just right. Linus hoped she would come everyday and play, that would be so much fun. Little did Linus know he was about to get his wish.

Karin Sanger embarked on a journey that would forever change her life. She had purchased her first Australian Cattle Dog. Linus grew quickly into a one year old, energetic, healthy dog. His new home was full of exciting things. There was lots of space for an important dog like him to play and romp, and guess what? There were animals here, big ones with four legs and great long tails. Sometimes Mistress Karin even climbed up on their backs and rode them all around; these were great adventures that he liked to go on. Linus was very glad no one rode on his back because then he would not be able to roll around in all the good smelling things. How lucky Mistress Karin was to have me, thought Linus. The other animals were sooo! much fun to chase and bark at, but this upset his new mistress and she would make funny noises that tended to make him feel bad. Linus did not like to disappoint his new friend and tried to be good just so she would be happy and of course give him good things to nibble on.

Life was good here. Linus liked his little kingdom in a land called Germany. Time passed quickly, as it seems to for rambunctious Cattle Dogs. Linus felt that being a year old now entitled him to the privilege of sentry duty, one can’t be to careful these days you know. One day a strange man came to the house and after an appropriate amount of barking and sniffing was approved to go in the house with the mistress to fix the chimney. What a busy day, now there were two four legged types that needed his immediate attention before they would be allowed free reign of his palatial grounds. These dogs were very strange indeed as their faces were not as handsome as his. There seemed to be something wrong with their noses, as they were smashed kind of flat to their faces. Must be one of those mastiff types from down the road. Oh well, not everyone can have looks. Suddenly there was much growling and biting, as these dogs were not nice at all! Linus thought, this is not fun, don’t they know who I am! Linus realized to late this was a fight for his life that he may not win. He did the best that a young dog could do, but it wasn’t enough. The mistress will be disappointed in me, he thought. Suddenly there was a loud scream and a demon with red hair and fearsome flashing eyes had joined the fray. Linus thought, this is too much, now there are three of them. Suddenly he realized that it was his beloved mistress. He had never seen her like this. She could yell very loud and was very terrifying, as she rained blows down upon his enemy’s head.

This warrior’s spirit now rode the winds between life and death. Linus thought, what a pretty rainbow, I wonder where it leads. I must go and see, but what is this! My mistress is crying! This is not right. I must find her and give her lots of licks, squiggles and hugs, as this is what she likes best. I know that this will cheer her up.

Mistress Karin had rushed her brave dog to her veterinarian’s, a good friend of hers. The veterinarian and vet techs hands were not enough to save this brave warrior and mistress Karin had to assist in the operation. Surgery was difficult and took an hour and one half. The injuries were grievous and life threatening. Mistress Karin feared the worst as tears of sadness dripped upon her faithful friends muzzle.

Tears! This is not right and cannot be allowed, thought Linus. Like the magic boomerang that he was named for, the warrior rode the winds back to the living, because of the love of his mistress. Linus thought, I will check out that rainbow some other day, as my lady needs me now! Linus was over joyed to see the Mistress smile when he wagged his tail. Now this is the way things should be, he thought, giving his mistress a big cattle dog grin. After all, he is very good at grins.

This brave dog is typical of our breed. They never give up. They will always attempt to please us, (and themselves sometimes). Their spirits are proud and strong and full of love. This story is true. It explains the true spirit of the cattle dog. Linus has healed well and has gone on to the show circuit. Karin carries a vet certificate with her explaining his scars, but Linus is to proud to let a judge see something like a limp or any residual discomfort from his experience. After all he is the master of his realm and it would not do for his subjects to see anything but him at his best.

Linus may be viewed at his web site, www.acdgermany.com (http://www.acdgermany.com/), striking some rather regal poses.

Story by: Larry McCampbell

Events experienced by his Majesty Linus, AKA: Windwarrior’s Magic Boomerang and Mistress Karin Sanger.

05-27-2007, 05:39 PM
That story bought tears to my eyes the first time I read it and once again now. The spirit and determination of a dog sometimes astounds me and I was so moved to know that Linus has indeed not only survived but gone on to become quite a nice boy.

What a wonderful friend to write so well of Linus's ordeal


05-27-2007, 05:41 PM
Well, that had me in tears! My Jake is trying to lick them all off as they drip off my chin. What a touching story and a great tribute to the breed! I had to go to your website to see for myself that Linus was indeed okay. I am so glad that you still have your handsome boy.

05-27-2007, 06:35 PM
What a wonderful story and a beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing.

06-01-2007, 10:52 AM
Truly a wonderful and well-written story about Linus! Not to mention a tear-jerker! So glad that Linus survived and is doing well. He is a handsome dog. Thanks so much for sharing his story, it is a testament to the strength and determination of this breed.

07-02-2007, 05:07 PM
I love that story! Its a very touching storey!