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08-12-2011, 03:52 PM
I found this saved in a folder and wanted to share it. Not sure where I got it, but I love it.

By Roxanne DeWinter, 1/03/2001

If you still see my shadow from the corner of your eye,
and that empty place inside you aches so much that you still cry...
If you recall the smallest bit of all the joy I gave,
there's another soul a step away whose life your love can save.
When you still see me soft asleep upon your favorite chair,
yet everything inside you knows that I'm not really there...
I want to join my friends who wait - and yet I cannot leave...
How can I walk the Rainbow Bridge while knowing you still grieve?
Please know I love you dearly -- and I know you love me, too --
and every memory we've shared still lives inside of you.
So as I go, there's just one thing...Will you please honor me?
By giving love to one who waits,
With love...you set me free...

08-12-2011, 07:51 PM
This breaks my heart and I love it at the same time. Maybe Max wasn't really there but I saw him, numerous times, for months after he left me. He always stood beside me and laid his head against my leg for me to pet him and hold his head in my hands while we watched the horses in the pasture at feeding time, several times I felt the pressure of his head against my leg as I waited for the horses to finish eating so I believe he was here in spirit so real I felt his presence. (Real or not, it was very real to me--occurring at times I least expected, and I'm a pure cynic through and through). But I certainly agree with all the rest of this--every dog I've rescued since he left for Rainbow Bridge has been in his memory -- and every one from now on will be as well. That's the best gift to give him, saving another.

08-13-2011, 04:54 PM

It's been 8 yrs since I had to send Josie to the Bridge and I still miss her every day. I used to feel her rubbing against my bed like she did every evening, just a gentle thump against the bed on my side. In her later years she couldn't get up on the bed and would sleep on the rug next to the bed. When dogs like Max and Josie leave such an imprint on our hearts they are never truly gone. We just have to bring up memories and they are still with us. This is a sad poem and brings tears to my eyes, but also gives us a reason for doing rescue. We will honor Max and Josie by saving other dogs.