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11-05-2010, 01:27 PM
Sorry, :( I haven't been around to post, but I travel on my job a lot lately. When I have access to the computer I am playing catch up in here.

When I am home, I do spend a lot of time with Murphy, my ACD. Which brings me to this question. We moved out in the country, on some family's property. We have two acres, that is completely fenced, where Murph is allowed to run and play. When we first moved here late spring, Murphy was very sociable. The family boards horses, so there is a lot of traffic of cars, and trucks pulling horse trailers in and out often. We're on the corner lot, so we have traffic out front of the house and side road.
Murphy has been very sociable. So, when others come to visit their horses, we allow them to leave their dogs here to play with Murph. They have a blast.
Murphy plays with them, until a cars goes by, then he chases along the fence, barking. His recall in horrible, but somethimes he will come, which he never ever did before. Now, I can't figure him out. There's a Sheltie that comes and she watches Murphy and when he runs the fence and goes by her, she goes after him and to me, she acts aggressive, but she doesn't bite. Then she runs in a circle, like sheep dogs do. But she never can catch him so nothing ever comes of it. Then another dog joins in with her now, and does the very same things. Now, when Murphy runs back to them he's a little yappy, may show his teeth and the three of them bark and act like they could kill each other. It never esculades more than that, but the guy who owns the dogs always makes them do a time out on their leash, sitting next to him. Now too, there's a Beagle who comes that's still intacted, (Murph is neutered), that Murphy used to get along with. Now Murph runs to him and yaps and the Beagle submits and crouches down and stays. In other words, Murphy is acting like a big bully in a play ground with kids?
Should I stop him from playing with other dogs and ask the people to not leave their dogs? Should I stop him from running the fence chasing cars?
He is very sociable as long as he's not running or the other dogs aren't running. But with the Beagle, it doesn't matter what's going on. Murphy picks at him and bullies him.
He loves everyone and he greets everyone politely.
I hope that all makes sense.
Another thing is, we can go for walks, with the dogs on the leash and they all walk close to one another with no problems. In the walks, unless the Sheltie barks first, Murphy never barks or acts like a bully.

11-05-2010, 03:06 PM
In my experience, male dogs that are intact often get attacked by other male dogs (even neutered ones). It must have something to do with odors. The dog park we go to doesn't allow dogs unless they're spayed/neutered, to avoid those types of problems. If I were you, I'd ask people with intact males not to leave them there. It can also cause more serious problems if there is a female dog in heat. And you can't tell by appearance whether a female is spayed or not, of course. So it's easier to avoid the intact males, which are obvious.