View Full Version : He Just Wants to Say Hi (Suzanne Clothier article)

04-18-2008, 02:41 PM
Good article on dog socialization:


04-18-2008, 03:24 PM
That is a great article, thanks for posting it.

Unfortunately, I see this exact scenario quite often and had a similar situation with Darcy at the boarding stable where I keep my horses. People bring their dogs, most of the dogs run loose while their owners are tending their horses. Most are neuter/spayed and the dogs are a well behaved well socialized group of dogs, so in the amost 10 years I have been at the barn, I have never seen a dog fight between any of the dogs. You will occassionally see a dog correct another dog for rude behavior, but it hasn't escalated beyond that.

Anyway, it's the perfect situation for Darcy to learn what appropriate behaviour is (he learned very quickly that trying go nurse on the female ACD at the barn was rude LOL!). There is a small older terrier mix named Charlie at the barn. Charlie, is smaller than Darcy and has arthritis, so I'm very concerned when my rambunctious puppy is around her. Darcy jumped on her the other day, and Charlie growled at him. One of the other boarders (not Charlie's owner) scolded Charlie, very sternly, for growling. I tried to explain to her that Charlie's response was an appropriate response and it was Darcy who was in the wrong. By the end of our conversation I still don't think she believed me. :banghead:

04-30-2011, 10:01 PM
Yeah everyone is shocked when I let Izze repremend my younger one because Izze is older & had arthritis as well. I can only imagine how that would have gone foe the person who scolded Izze like theybscolded poor Charlie. Because as far as Izze is concerned the only one who is allowed to scold her is ME.