View Full Version : Forming ACD Fun Group in Dallas, TX Area

02-02-2008, 10:14 AM
There's an ACD owner in the Dallas area starting a "social" group for ACDs and their owners. I told her I'd post this on AuCaDo since she's not a member, and did invite her to join us. See her note below:

Thought I'd post once more that I'm starting a group in the Dallas area of ACD owners and their kids. Thanks for the response so far. I've been talking to several of you and hope to meet you all soon. For those I've been in touch with, bare with me I am compiling a list to forward to each of you. I would like to include you kids info and your phone # as well. I really need ideas from you all where we could meet. I think it would be great if a place our kids could run free. Someone suggested Breckinridge Park in Richardson. Any feedback??? I do know several of us live outside the direct area so hope you all will be willing to travel. Or, give us a idea. Hope to hear from more of you in the Dallas area!! Please Email me direct.

Belinda Ashmore
cabasmom @ GMAIL.COM (remove spaces)