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  1. Man builds custom wagon out of kayak for disabled dog
  2. Elderly nuns adopt elderly pitbull
  3. A Dog Canít Teach a Dog New Tricks (But It Can Teach a Wolf)
  4. BBC: Dogs' brain scans reveal vocal responses
  5. Lily - The Warrior Dog Who Survived Being Buried Alive
  6. Dog Honks Horn While Waiting For Owner
  7. Dogs' sense of smell signals love for owners, say scientists
  8. Dozens Of Dead Dogs Found In Detroit Park (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
  9. Sad story - ACD shot by deputy, necropsy reveals dog was running away
  10. Not ACD-related, but a good story anyway!
  11. Uniformed Hammond Indiana Police officer Abuses police dog
  12. Max takes care of Ralphee
  13. nyt: Nestle Purina Sues Over Pet Food Competitor Claims
  14. Dogs Play Big Role For Elephant Handlers At Pittsburgh Zoo
  15. 14 Worst Dog Breeds for New Pet Owners
  16. Petco Removing All Dog and Cat Treats Made in China From Store Shelves
  17. ACD watches over disabled kitten
  18. ABCNews: Trial Results Promising for Curing Puppies' Parvo
  19. Are Farm Dogs Happier Than Lap Dogs?
  20. Police: Dog's throat cut; Officer charged with animal cruelty
  21. Esquire: The State Of The American Dog
  22. ACD stresses out over toy being washed
  23. Stray found carrying small companion in her mouth
  24. Vet Practice News: 2014 X-Ray Contect Winenrs
  25. Abandoned ACD that lived under a dumpster for 11 months is rescued and adopted
  26. Game Of Thrones and Twilight films blamed for huge rise in husky abandonment
  27. Farmer spends £2,000 converting car into a SHEEPDOG
  28. NYT - Son of US Senator Indicted In Death of Dozens of Dogs
  29. Brain Scans Show Dogs Think of Humans as Family More than Fellow Dogs
  30. Check Into Asheville's Aloft Hotel, Leave With a Puppy
  31. Dogs hired as ball boys for a pro tennis match
  32. Dogs React to the Winner of the Westminster Dog Show
  33. The Working Dogís Pastoral
  34. Dog Day Care Worker accused of hurling his heeler by the neck - Oregon
  35. Do Dogs Have Memory? (article - The Bark)
  36. Border Collie Ping-Pong Pro!
  37. Bragging about Taz ...
  38. 100-acre Wood Birthday Pawty
  39. 15 Dog Breeds You Think You Want But Probably Shouldn't Get - ACD is #6
  40. Priceonomics: The Mythology of Dog Years
  41. Omar, the Selfie Stick ACD!
  42. Therapy dog comforts students
  43. Antique Dog Collar auctioned - great backstory
  44. Buddy's bucket list: Terminally ill blue heeler living life to the fullest
  45. Genomic causes of severe compulsiveness in dogs could aid study of human OCD
  46. Japan: Dog retirement homes care for elderly canines
  47. World's oldest dog (kelpie) dies at age 30
  48. Putting Words in Dogs' Mouths
  49. The Risks of Breeding to a Standard
  50. "Jumpy" the Epic Parkour Dog
  51. Interesting Article on Dog Aggression (includes NILIF info)
  52. Dogs' brains process speech more like ours than we thought
  53. Conservation dogs sniff out endangered species
  54. CNN: Rapamycin could make your dog (and maybe you) live longer
  55. Dogs likely dreaming about their owners
  56. Jumpy - ACD/BC mix - from shelter to stardom
  57. Not an ACD, but a good story
  58. Yowie, blue ACD, picks SuperBowl winner
  59. Audiobooks have calming effect on dogs
  60. CBC: Finn the Australian Cattle Dog runs for mayor of St. John's
  61. Healthiest Dog Breeds (article - Dogster)
  62. Loyal blue heeler stays with three-year-old lost in bush overnight
  63. Happy Mother's Day