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  1. Man allegedly flings jellyfish at teens at beach
  2. Pilot stalked ex-girlfriend with plane
  3. Postal worker theft story
  4. Woman continues treasure hunt after finding note
  5. Pa. teen uses fork, cookie cutter to brand friend
  6. 1,400-pound bull drags officers down NJ street
  7. Racy Costumes Pulled from Store Shelves
  8. Raccoon pack surrounds, mauls 74-year-old Florida woman who tried to chase them from
  9. Tennessee Tot Found Drunk, Wearing Dress
  10. Italian opts for jail over New Year with relatives
  11. 4-ton statue stolen from Utah motorcycle shop
  12. Man leaves electronics, steals diapers from home
  13. Great Dane in Car Sends Car Thief Running
  14. A new leather chastity belt for dogs
  15. Goat leads Texas police on 30-minute chase
  16. Ky. deputy tries to shoot his way out of cell
  17. Aussie underwear has gone bananas
  18. Elusive Fla. monkey dodges captors, defies darts
  19. All in the family
  20. Utah man determined to get arrested gets his wish
  21. SC cop stops go-cart, arrests man on drug charges
  22. Mass. mortuary hopes chili cook-off brings 'life'
  23. Police catch man snorting drugs on their car
  24. Jogger paid $756 after toilet ordeal
  25. Woman charged in breast milk assault on jailer
  26. Woman again tries using cabs to steal TVs
  27. Newlyweds spend first night in jail
  28. Japan town baffled by 'kangaroo' sightings
  29. McDonald's parking spot dispute turns violent
  30. Woman, 101, grows horn
  31. Woman delivers surprise baby, picks up other son
  32. Man attacked for Monopoly drug buy
  33. Driving While Shaving! Fla. Woman Arrested
  34. Mangy ‘demon’ draws mythical conjecture
  35. When mere steak is not enough -- gourmet cooking for your dog
  36. Toddler trapped in lolly machine after climbing in for sweets
  37. Detroit city workers being warned to go scentsless
  38. Driver in doghouse after walking pet while in car
  39. Drunk woman has fingers bitten off by bear
  40. Sleeping man shocked after cold man jumps into bed
  41. Errant spike strip leaves Calif. drivers flat
  42. Man takes double hit from wife
  43. La. man denied beer run gets very testy
  44. Mafia suspect caught on Facebook
  45. Colo topless gardener complaints prompt new rules(UPDATE!)
  46. Funny/interesting website
  47. Woman mistakenly declared dead
  48. UFOs buzz NT nuke site (AU)
  49. Overweight Woman Sentenced in Boyfriend's 'Sitting' Death
  50. Determined dog chews officer's tires, bumper
  51. Green Bay's most stolen street sign?
  52. Lorry Shunt Victim: 'I'm Going To Die'
  53. Alaska teens' pizza heist brings out SWAT team
  54. SoCal teacher arrested in alleged drunken teaching
  55. Former inmate gets 15 years for breaking into jail
  56. 2 plead guilty in case of stolen baby formula
  57. Airport worker warned in scanner ogling claim
  58. Man spread nails as 'retaliation'
  59. Stolen cop car found in parking garage
  60. Moped rider invents flamethrower
  61. After dispute with wife, he says he's been married 'too damn long'
  62. Dallas mom halts repossession by lobbing baby into moving SUV
  63. Cheeky competition searches for 'Best Butt'
  64. Texas Man Accused of Disabling 100 Cars Over Internet
  65. Mich. police: Drunken driver called 911 on herself
  66. Police: Drunk Pa. man tried to revive dead opossum
  67. Justin Bieber manager arrested for failure to tweet
  68. Man charged with attacking vet after dog dies
  69. man faces charges of trying to terminate his girlfriend's pregnancy with veterinary d
  70. Man cites boredom after arrest on streaking charge
  71. Man fleeing Ohio police jumps fence — into prison
  72. Calif. woman gets 6 months for fake breasts heist
  73. Bobcat that walked through front door
  74. Aus PM's anger over Robin Williams 'rednecks' jibe
  75. Restaurant charges extra for flip-flops
  76. Giraffe’s head-butt sends zookeeper to hospital
  77. Jail Sentence for Kissing in Dubai
  78. Equal time: Women hold topless march in Maine
  79. Dog bumps car into neutral, causing fender-bender
  80. Drunk man steals ambulance, leads slow chase
  81. Drunk man calls police to help him out of bar
  82. Women arrested in UK for taking corpse onto plane
  83. Aussie politician's 'budgie smugglers' go for 3,000 dollars
  84. Ohio boy, 8, takes family van for gas, crashes
  85. Beer Strike in Denmark
  86. Money changes attitudes
  87. Man sets home ablaze with pot bong
  88. What's that smell? Hog manure becomes asphalt
  89. Cases of beer left at landfill too hard to resist
  90. SC motel guest uses snake to hit man
  91. No fish story: Man jailed for weighting fish
  92. Wis. company's longer T-shirts keep assets covered
  93. Police find suspect neck-deep in liquid manure pit
  94. Fake doctors provided breast implants
  95. Complaint: Pa. policewoman sent home for dyed hair
  96. Woman jailed over cheeseball murder
  97. Ohio St. gets livestock lesson from roaming cows
  98. Third of U.S. teens with phones text 100 times a day
  99. Worker punched after confronting man about odor
  100. Man invades home, says he's at wrong house
  101. Burglars break into prison to rob absent inmates
  102. Utah woman sentenced in 'surprise' hammer beating
  103. No thongs for swimmers in 'Mayberry with a beach'
  104. Wis. cops nab woman in blow gun shooting spree
  105. Britons believe the hills are alive with haggis
  106. Ill-timed potty break lands suspect in jail
  107. Man suspected of stealing dozens of fire hydrants
  108. Crocodile forces Australian aerobics class to wait
  109. Hockey Puck Lost in Goalie's Clothing
  110. Gay dogs not welcome, diner in South Australia told
  111. Tattooed bicyclist miffed about being pulled over while wearing a thong
  112. The New Benjamin? Not So Money
  113. firefighters rescue dog from recliner chair
  114. $17,000 diamond donated to Pennsylvania charity
  115. Woman gets 9 months for rat extortion
  116. Police: Man attacked for not holding door
  117. Texas crew mistakenly demolishes the wrong house
  118. Police say man wrapped in toilet paper robs store
  119. Utah boy mowing the lawn runs into TNT canister
  120. Vomiting dog causes man to crash into pole
  121. Domestic tabby in SC adopts abandoned bobcats
  122. Woman bites man after being called fat
  123. "Cougar effect" boosts lingerie sales
  124. Man steals electricity with meat hook
  125. Conn. prison goats nibble weeds, landscaping costs
  126. 28 detained in beach "gigolo" raid
  127. Stripper accused of committing worker's comp fraud
  128. Obese Sydney bird sent to birdy bootcamp
  129. Bikini coffee shop sparks boycott in Colo.
  130. Police: Jealous woman pepper sprays boyfriend
  131. US rocket launch sparks Australia UFO frenzy
  132. Tiny Turtle Causes Plane to Return to Gate
  133. Maine family finds fake bomb in their new home
  134. Animals that have served their countries
  135. Big brass ones on this lady!
  136. Play stupid games...
  137. Man sues city over seized house... Hey wait! In TEXAS???
  138. Phoenix... 14 YO boy shoots armed home invader while babysitting siblings
  139. Texas A&M students form human wall to protect soldiers funeral
  140. Chicago Woman Attacked With ‘Sock Full of Poop’
  141. Herd Of Indian Elephants Go On Drunken Rampage
  142. Cows also 'have regional accents'
  143. Oh good grief! Overreact much? Kinda curious tho...
  144. Kiwi gal glues her mouth shut...