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  1. Bar gossip leads to nasty surprise for couple (Reuters)
  2. Quick-thinking lad saves mum from ant attack
  3. Two men in fight for ownership of severed leg
  4. Cops fire at dog, miss 12 times
  5. Man sets new world record in 'ear-lifting'
  6. Golden retriever nurses stray kitten (AP)
  7. Man wins contest with 1,524-lb pumpkin (AP)
  8. Dog saves family from fire blamed on cat (AP)
  9. What would you do before the end of the world? (Reuters)
  10. Malaysian fishermen net 13-ft. crocodile (AP)
  11. Town in grip of undies shortage
  12. Boy, 6, bitten by king brown snake - twice
  13. Pub completes 25,000km journey by boat
  14. Lost dog walks 7 miles to find his home (AP)
  15. Fisherman lands record 844-pound shark (AP)
  16. Man texting while driving hits train (AP)
  17. Lifetime supply of beer offered for stolen laptop
  18. Church uses $500 gas raffle to lure worshippers
  19. Dead moose in yard finds way to Craigslist
  20. Got Milk?
  21. Australian fishermen net 500-pound squid
  22. Skunks Reek Havoc!
  23. How to move on after your marriage breaks up
  24. Ore. Man Reaches Idaho In 'Flying' Lawn Chair
  25. You Know Gas Prices Are High When People Trade Sex for It
  26. 11yo boy attacks pit bull
  27. Woman bites dog that attacked her dog
  28. *CRAZY CAT WOMAN ALERT* 117 cats, raccoon, rabbit found in Omaha home
  29. 'WTF' Bannded From Colo. License Plates
  30. Crow 'that thinks it is a dog' attacks postman
  31. More news about the cloned dog owner!
  32. Dog had two foot branch stuck down throat
  33. Woman Kills Husband With Folding Couch
  34. WEIRD NEWS: Boy Held in Walgreens Robbery "Just Wanted ... Some Stuff"
  35. Only In Australia!
  36. Outrage after mayor's 'ugly' behaviour
  37. ACD to celebrate 21st birthday!
  38. Dog takes chucking cellphones to new level
  39. I Am Dumb? Eight May Be
  40. Town sniffs out dog as shoe thief
  41. Sydney's stiletto sprint
  42. Bad Fishing in AU?
  43. Dumb crook story!
  44. Dog eats sausage used as weapon by burglar
  45. You say your golf game is going to the dogs?
  46. Woman, 61, Fights Off Deer Attacking Pet Poodle
  47. No More Fish Pedicures for You
  48. Talking Turkey. Hilarious Hotline Humor
  49. Police: Dog may have shot owner
  50. Baby Bats deserted after storms
  51. Templar the cat survives double shooting
  52. What on earth were they thinking?
  53. Proposed bill: humans, pets buried in single grave
  54. Police say a New Jersey man posed as a female animal doctor,
  55. Finally, something you're not going to believe:
  56. Man punished for abandoning rats
  57. Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling by his clinically depressed
  58. Drug dealer arrested in police station bathroom
  59. British man killed wife over 'single' Facebook status
  60. RESEARCH: Stress Makes Us Stupid
  61. More dumb criminals....
  62. Fight escalates when brother hits sister with dog poo
  63. "I want my kidney back!"
  64. Gold from WHAT?
  65. Who in their right mind shoplifts from the .99 cent store?
  66. ICE FISHING....worth it?
  67. Cops Say Teacher Moonlighted as Hooker
  68. Man tries to commit suicide by brown snake bites
  69. Pa. woman to stand trial for selling pierced cats
  70. Flesh Eating disease news story....
  71. Octopus Floods Aquarium
  72. Personal foul
  73. ShamWow Guy Busted
  74. Police find pot in a very odd spot ( ! )
  75. Taser on a Bull?
  76. Ohio man charged with drunken driving on bar stool
  77. Man skips out of paying for prosthetic leg
  78. 'Dumb' thief picks police summit
  79. Man cries after attempt to rob liquor store fails
  80. Pigeons smuggle cell phones into Brazil prison
  81. Doctors remove fishing spear from man's brain
  82. Woman who sued police dog over buttocks bite fined ( ! *)
  83. Woman divorces husband for cleaning too much
  84. Thief nabbed with 68 tubes of toothpaste
  85. Va. boy drove 1,300 miles to Texas rodeo grounds
  86. Boom or bust, veteran bra maker still holding up
  87. Saudi man divorces wife by text message
  88. Hammer time for cell phone used to run up $5K bill
  89. Cat found alive after 5 weeks under rubble
  90. Man shocked by Taser hit
  91. Deep doo-doo wouldn't do for Texas cattle rancher
  92. Cash stash in bra stops bullet from piercing heart
  93. Texas elementary school gets noise citation
  94. 5-year-old rides NYC subway alone for 34 stops
  95. Wis. nurse called out of surgery and laid off
  96. Man punched after removing Cowboys flag from car
  97. Most-wanted Colombia drug lord caught 'like a dog'
  98. Police Blotter From Flathead, MT
  99. Police say man stole chicken wings and Hot Pockets
  100. Tasered emu dies...
  101. ewwwww: Could lice prevent asthma?
  102. Dog Dodges Bullet to Bag Bounty
  103. Increase in odd names leads Dominican Republic to consider ban
  104. Live shark left outside office of Canberra Newspaper
  105. Swiss canton bans nude hiking
  106. Barking Spiders?
  107. US resraurant chain to probe snake head in broccoli
  108. Naked woman goes to Fla. home, asks for cigarettes
  109. Ohio teen suspended for going to girlfriend's prom
  110. Dad avoids washing for 35 years
  111. Toilet snake attack: urban legend comes true?
  112. Worlds Worst Laugh
  113. Rotten office fridge cleanup sends 7 to hospital
  114. Mad about MAD, LA man builds a dream out of CDs
  115. Massachusetts set to unveil fast-food menu rules
  116. For those needing a laugh or two....
  117. 2 Yellowstone workers fired after watering geyser
  118. New Zealand offers cupid flight for US singles
  119. Dog's Bounty Cleared With a Bullet, but Dog Still on the Hook
  120. Deputies: Banana used as gun in holdup, then eaten
  121. Utah school forces student to change out of kilt
  122. Amish teen ticketed for having beer in buggy
  123. JAL Sucks in luggage container @LAX
  124. Cash flies out of convertible on German motorway
  125. Plumber uses snake with camera to find cat in wall
  126. Woman beaten up over asparagus prices
  127. Glass water bowl and sun start fire at Wash. home
  128. Mortician discovers live patient pronounced dead by mistake
  129. Toddler buys earthmover in online auction
  130. Horror story printed on toilet paper in Japan
  131. Groom drinks too much at wedding, dies
  132. Face transplant patient goes public
  133. 'bite me'!
  134. Feds plug leak...
  135. Police find feral girl in Siberia
  136. Four states adopt 'no-smiles' policy for driver's licenses
  137. Bad Ad: Newspaper Prints Call for Obama Assassination
  138. Pasadena Woman Lived With Dead Husband for Months
  139. Dog delivers live grenade to owner
  140. Hunt for million dollar mattress
  141. Chimp bites off Berlin Zoo director's finger
  142. Check out Wild dogs that commute from suburbs to scavenge in city
  143. Stranger than Fiction
  144. Good times at the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention
  145. Bride's bouquet crashes plane in Italy
  146. Mo. jail to host 'bed and breakfast' event
  147. Lawmaker: Michigan map isn't complete without U.P.
  148. Monster fish killed after terrorizing Swiss swimmers
  149. NH man charged 23 quadrillion dollars for cigarettes
  150. Mich. boy, 6, gets ace using SpongeBob golf ball
  151. Pa. woman warned about gator finds pot lab instead
  152. And WHY did they let him out?
  153. Cannes bans nudists after yacht club complains
  154. San Diego will seek lifting of seal removal order
  155. Train worker grins must pass muster on smile meter
  156. A BUILDER miraculously survived after firing a 6cm nail straight into his HEART.
  157. Suspected Wyo. car thief found sleeping in the car
  158. Fla. cops catch man running with cash register
  159. NJ cops use pepper spray on aggressive groundhog
  160. Naked girls plow fields for rain
  161. Fate of "marijuana mine" in limbo
  162. Army colonel tries old C-ration pound cake
  163. Bikini-clad woman accused of carjacking in Miss.
  164. Man with fetish charged with stealing eyeglasses
  165. Man sleeping in dumpster gets picked up with trash
  166. Woman allegedly runs over husband after argument
  167. Holy car! Utah boy goes for spin to avoid church
  168. Doh!! Deputy duped by fake police lights, arrests driver
  169. Woman accused of running strip club in basement
  170. Funny Pictures - all dogs
  171. FLA. Man claims he found a rodent inside Diet Pepsi can
  172. Woman stuck in toilet for a week
  173. Same name couple to tie the knot
  174. Suspected Aussie thief caught napping in car wash
  175. Family video of child driving prompts probe
  176. Woman Duped by Dirty Diaper Faker
  177. French ban Muslim woman from pool for wearing 'burkini' swimsuit
  178. It's a howl: NYC artist compiles album of screams
  179. 11-foot python unexpected guest for Calif. family
  180. Hitting the wrong Sydney...
  181. 1-800-Clunkers? Florist keeps getting car calls
  182. NJ man who robbed banks on Thursdays gets 6 years
  183. New park offers X-rated views of NYC hotel guests
  184. Papa John's founder pays $250K for beloved Camaro
  185. Ala. boy fakes kidnapping to hide bad grades
  186. Donated couch comes with stowaway kitten
  187. Man loses stepson while trying to buy drugs
  188. Police foil oddball 'chili' heist
  189. FLA: Naked man riding motorcycle charged with DUI
  190. Specimen hand startles man digging in Md. yard
  191. Woman uses $20 bill printed in 1934 in UPS Store
  192. St. Louis coffee spill costs campus $200,000
  193. Pair trying to catch fish net $87,000 in cash
  194. Miss. police use Taser, handcuffs on wayward emu
  195. Prison sentence for woman who kept mom's body
  196. Italian police seize mafia boss' pet crocodile
  197. Store launches underpants for left-handed men
  198. Game over: Fla. cops caught playing Wii on the job
  199. Man nabbed after trying to 'scare' lesson into cat
  200. FDA says frog or toad was in Fla. man's soda can