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Thread: spondylosis ???????

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    Default spondylosis ???????

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Spondylosis.. When Emma went to the vet for stomach problems the vet noticed a a couple of spots of bone spurs. She told me Emma should not be bothered by them because they seem so small. We'll Tuesday night Emma woke me up crying and I turned the light on and she was literly stuck in a sitting position. I got her up walking around and she was in very bad shape. I gave her a dose of aspirin and put her on the bed with me. She couldn't get on the bed if her life depended on it. By morning she could walk better but in pain. I talked to the vet and she said 1 Emma is to young (3 years old). 2- she didn't have enough information on the xrays that were shown because we were looking at her stomach so something could be going on. SHe told me to either bring her in or watch her for a day or so and giver her rymadyl. I had hubby giver her the pain med because I was in town 1 hour away.:s18: last night her back was sore but she was able to move around and her tail was in the air and she was happy. this morning she is sore and did yelp when she tried to push Angus off the bed. He jumped off the bed nicely for her good boy. The vet said surgery can be done ( I dont have anywhere near the money to do that right now anyway) or try to manage the pain and see if she stablizes.. Also I have VPI for insurance and was wondering if anyone else has had them pay for anything spondolsis wise... I only see testing on the forms... not sure what to do and could use all the input from experienced people.....


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    Default Re: spondylosis ???????

    Hi there!

    I think most ACD's if you x-ray their back, you will see some bridging in the spin on most of them.

    My girl Jetta- she had some pretty good fusion going on in her back. I have the photo of her spine at home, I will scan and send it to you. She did well, until the cancer got her.

    River, now almost 12, has alot of fusing also.

    I think they are soooo hard on their bodies in their younger years, it finally catches up to them

    River and Acer, are on Previcox, I like it better then the Rimadyl. Better results for me at least.


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    Default Re: spondylosis ???????

    3 years seems young to have Spondylosis, but what do I know??? Our Lab had it in his later years, diagnosed when he was about 10, and the worst case our vet had ever seen - his vertebra were fused in 3 different places. What happens is the vertebra actually fuse together, which not only affects their mobility but the nerves, as well. One of the tell-tale signs of Spondylosis is that they will drag their back paws when they walk, like the tops of them are on the ground with the pads up.

    We were never offered the option of surgery, maybe because of his age, or maybe the severity of it, so just had to manage his pain with Rimadyl (which isn't good for the long term, and especially not in Labs). He had some good days and some really bad days. I'm not sure what made days better or worse, though.

    X-Rays are the only way I know of to get a sure diagnosis. I'm not sure what VIP insurance is, but the insurance our vet offered (which we didn't have) would have covered any treatment past the deductable.

    Keep us posted! I hope they find whatever it is that's bothering her and fix her up!
    Laurey, Logan and Sweet Maggie Mae Pie

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