Somehow, in the re-formatting of the rescue forum, we managed to lose our very important List of Volunteers!! Would those of you who were so kind as to post your information before, please post again? And "new recruits" do the same? Please let us know what city or region and state you are in and contact info if you wish. (If you don't wish to show contact info, we can always PM you if a need arises.)

Please let us know what you may be able to do. Nothing you list is binding, we'd just like to build a bit of a listing of folks willing to pitch in now & then.

Can you:
  • Pull and/or evaluate a dog/dogs
  • Overnite a dog/dogs
  • Foster short-term (time frame?)
  • Foster long-term (time frame?)
  • Transport within XX miles
  • Coordinate transports
  • Donate $$ for vetting/boarding
  • Sponsor a shelter/rescue dog (monthly donation until adopted)