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Thread: Any suggestions for dogs allergies?

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    Default Any suggestions for dogs allergies?

    my dog have been scratching her nose with her fleece, and the floor. I think is allergies.

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    Default Re: Any suggestions for dogs allergies?

    How old is your dog? Has she gotten these allergies before, at certain times of the year? Or does she have it all year round? What kind of food is she getting? Often a grain-free diet will help tremendously. You can also try Omega 3 fish oil pills (just like people use) or coconut oil - a teaspoon on her food once a day...Also, are you using a cheap brand of flea/tick preventative or heartworm treatment? Sometimes dogs have an allergic reaction to the off-brands like BioSpot, etc.

    My golden retriever is severely allergic to dust mites, and he itches year round. It's worse in fall as he also has seasonal allergies, as well as allergies to venison, beef, and some dairy products. It has been a challenge to help him & keep him comfortable, but we have some prescription meds for him, switched to the grain-free food, and he gets the fish pills and coconut, and Benadryl in the fall while the pollens are bad. With all of those things, he's doing better.
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