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    Sometimes, chucking balls and frisbees get boring. I invented a game to keep Boo`s brain and body ticking. It`s called, Roofball. I throw a ball on the roof and wait. Boo can`t hear it on the soft tiles until it comes down and hits the tin patio roof. He then has to guess where it`ll drop off..I`ve probably done this a thousand times, not once has he failed to catch it before it hit the ground, well, except for the times I overshot the roof and had to go to the front yard to find it. Anyone else invented crazy games, inside or out?
    Gill and Boo.
    (Oh, what`s Pee mail?)

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    Gillian, AuCaDo isn't like an email list. There are many forum categories for specific things. With numerous hundred people all active every day things get a little busy if we try to jam every topic into 1 forum, so we split them up, and is why this thread has been moved to an area that is not ACD specific as where you originally posted it.

    Pee Mail is personal mail.

    You can find many tips on how to use the forum software here [click this].
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    HI Gill!

    A pee-mail is a Private E-mail. You can send a private message to someone on the forum - on the bar toward the top of your screen on the right-hand side, you'll see a link that says Pee-Mail. Click on that. Type in the screen name of the person you want to send to, then type your message and submit.

    Please be advised that pee-mails are private to other members, but administrators do have access to them IF NEEDED (i.e. harassment, etc.). They do not as a rule go looking through pee-mals and consider them private, unless there is a problem that is brought to their attention. That said, you can delete pee-mails as well. If you are concerned about total privacy, you can send an e-mail to a forum member using the User CP (also on the top of your screen, on the left-hand side. There is a "Send an e-mail" option there as well.

    I like your idea of Roofball! I wish mine were more ball-motivated. Until I read about some of the ones that are ball-obsessed, LOL.
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