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Thread: Car commercial - summer travel tip

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    Default Car commercial - summer travel tip

    Watched a little TV this afternoon and saw an ad for a Toyota Venza (which is being advertised as a dog-friendly car), with a summer travel tip by Cesar Millan - to always seatbelt your dog in, to use a seat cover to keep the car interior clean, and to remove "edible" objects from your dog's travel area.

    No matter what your take on Cesar, I think the ad was a good one!
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    Default Re: Car commercial - summer travel tip

    Between that commercial and that episode of Bones it seems that Cesar is getting a lot more visibility and his messages seem more responsible than when he first started out. Maybe he needed to be so extreme to get the recognition and can now be more rational. He does get respect so it's good to see him speaking out.
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    Default Re: Car commercial - summer travel tip

    Quote Originally Posted by Brunella View Post
    that episode of Bones
    Aww, I remember that episode!! I bawled at the end!!!!!
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