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Thread: Dog Toys - Recommendations

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    I saw my reply on this thread from a few years back. My how things have changed from their puppy days. Nothing stands up to my dogs chewing. We no longer can use antlers because Zoey broke her molar on one. Kong makes the most durable toys. Round toys do not last but the long shaped ones do. We buy quite a bit from These are the only toys left that have withstood the test of time.

    West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Aqua Blue Dog Toy

    KONG Squeezz Stick Dog Toy

    KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy
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    I recently got an x-large Jolly Ball for Rooney (she has been destroying the basketballs around here and needed a substitute...). Totally in love with it the first moment she saw it. Played and played and had a blast. Completely and utterly destroyed 24 hrs later, and that's with selective playtime/putting it away. Hell hath no fury like the jaws of a heeler puppy.

    Only two toys have really withstood her in any significant way. 1) Chuck-it fetch balls, small size with the hole in them. She will sit on the couch and chew on them like gum for hours, and there aren't even any teethmarks after 6+ months. Amazing. 2) Can't remember the company, but it's basically like a cat string toy, but built for dogs -- a plastic stick with a hardy rope attached. It used to have a squeak toy on the end (though obviously that is long gone), but the rope and stick have been surprisingly durable and she's more than happy to just chase the rope around and play tug. She LOVES this toy. All chase instincts are satisfied, and she wears herself out pretty quickly with it. It's nice because we can play in the living room after dark, because the play area is more contained than throw/fetch. 100% worth the money I spent on it, unlike many of the toys that, with a dog like her, are really single-use.

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