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Saphira and Jada
04-20-2015, 11:09 PM
My wonderful senior Beau (10 and 1/2 y/o ACD crossed with rough Collie) has just relapsed a second time with systemic blastomycosis...he was on sporonox for a total of 25 months in his first 5 and 1/2 year, and no he is on it again....maybe for the rest of his life?

I am just wondering if any one else on this forum has had a dog with blastomycosis.

It is inhaled in spore-form from soil dust in the Ohio River Valley, including Manitoba, Canada. It seems that recent climate changes are leading to more cases being seen in dogs in Ohio, though it is still more common in Michigan and Minnesota.

His history:
Adopted Nov 2006 at 14 months of age from Traverse City (Cherryland Shelter) in Michigan
He had Blastomycosis Infections in his lungs and on his skin (lesions all over) in Nov, 2006. Treated with sporonox for 12 months. We think he may have gotten infected during a 10 day canoe trip in Quetico National Park, Canada (north of the US border from Boundary Waters in norther Minn)
Thanksgiving 2008, started having fevers and was finally diagnosed (after a 30 day treatment for Lyme disease) in early Feb 2009. Ultrasound showed large pancreatic mass, biopsy showed Blasto. On sporonox (well, sporal ) through March 2010 (13 months of meds). Of note, I did not do the follow-up $500+ dollar ultrasounds as we put the $$ towards the expensive meds, and he was better.
Fine since April 2010 until now, 5 years later...

ONLY 2 days of acting "off"-- lethargic and depressed, intermittent fast heavy panting, and ate much less enthusiastically.... third morning- Sunday- had temp 104.5, and started gagging/retching (no vomit), would not touch his food and kept looking at me with such sad eyes, pleading for help... Went to the vet 8 days ago on that Sunday am as an emergency visit- had them do x-rays: x ray showed a hail-storm of round-ish masses in the area of the pancreas..urine came back positive 2 days ago for Blastomycosis antigens, so we know we are dealing with it again...

I doubt he will beat it this time, but I am certainly hoping and willing that he does..He is doing better, though, on the sporonox and tramadol -- at least with it not in the lungs, the horrible worsening when starting the anti-fungals is not an issue. I had saved about 25 capsules of sporonox from 2010 just in case. They are expired, but I do not care.

Blasto can not get to the pancreas unless it is being spread through the bloodstream....there had to be a hidden-pocket of blasto that lasted through the first year of anti-fungals, only to blossom afterwards...the pocket must have been smaller after the second treatment to have had him go 5 years with no symptoms...I would imagine the concentrations of sporonox are not as high as one would want within the pancreas...I guess that is also a problem with the Central Nervous System....He even had blood work (a full panel) done 3 weeks ago before having a histiocytoma removed from his foot, and the blood work was completely NORMAL...

All I can say is that, despite his blasto, he has had a good life and lots of adventures and love. Do I wish I had sent annual urine samples to check for Blasto antigens the past 5 years? Yes, but it was so nice to think he was cured!!! I think his medical costs have totaled about $10,000 to date...

Beau is the big dog in the back of my old ford escort wagon in the photo-bucket link by my name...he is a cross between a rough collie and an ACD.

04-21-2015, 01:01 AM
Bentley's on high and positive thoughts that Beau will beat this once again. I've never had any experience with blasto and have only heard what a nasty thing it is.

Carol G
04-21-2015, 02:19 AM
A Bentley and positive thoughts from here for Beau.

04-21-2015, 07:44 AM
Lisa, I am so sorry to hear this. Blasto is horrific, and to have to deal with it twice...if he does not make it through this time, at least, as you say, he had five great years since the last time - and a dog's lifetime of love through it all. I hope he pulls through this time too, and please know Rody Jane's Bentley is glowing on high here for your special Beau.


04-22-2015, 04:38 PM
So sorry to hear about your boy. Bentleys for your beautiful Beau. Hope he recovers.