View Full Version : Please Light Those Bentleys for Bandit & Chase, & Book Sale to Fund Cancer Treatments

Jenny P
11-02-2013, 09:10 PM
I have not posted here for a while. Life has been a whirlwind since Chase was diagnosed with colonic adenocarcinoma (cancer) in July. Then Bandit was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (cancer too) in September. Radiation therapy was recommended for Chase, and now Bandit is on chemo meds. You can read more about Chase's cancer journey here http://www.8statekate.net/wordpress/?p=2893 and Bandit's cancer journey here http://www.8statekate.net/wordpress/?p=2922. It's all been a bit overwhelming, but the dogs are handling it well. Please take some special time with your dogs today. We never know just how much time we have left.

If you have read 8 State Hurricane Kate, you have read about Bandit and Chase. Their words of wisdom are also included in the Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book. To help fund thousands of dollars in cancer treatments, I'm selling the rest of my hard cover Not Without My Dog books at a steep discount--almost 50% off at $15 each (+ shipping). These journal-style books with photo pages have everything you need for and about your dog. They were written in response to my post-Katrina animal rescue experience in Louisiana--when computers and phones didn't work. Learn more, look inside the book, and order online at http://www.8statekate.net/wordpress/?page_id=1542. Finish all of your Christmas shopping for the dog lovers in your life with just a few clicks. If you buy 10 or more books, they are $12 each (+ shipping--please contact me directly).

A YouGiving account has also been set up at www.tinyurl.com/bentleys-aglow (http://www.tinyurl.com/bentleys-aglow) to help support Bandit and Chase. Thanks for any support you can provide.

Chase is doing well and will need another CT scan in December to help determine the effectiveness of his radiation treatments. Bandit has been losing a lot of weight, especially muscle mass, and we are trying to stabilize him. I am most concerned about Bandit right now--he is eating twice as much as when he was working over the summer, and continues to lose weight. Both dogs have strong spirits and enjoy playing ball and going for a walk every day. They are amazing.

Please keep those Bentleys lit for Bandit and Chase. Thanks so much for your support!