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12-26-2011, 11:58 PM
Went up to Yreka for Christmas, staying at the Motel 8 due to them taking dogs. At about 3am (Christmas night) Tattoo wakes me up cause he has to use the bathroom. It's cold outside, for this guy anyways. Something like 14 degrees. We wander over to a nearby empty lot and he does his business. As we are walking back to the hotel I see a dog trotting across the street a hundred yards away or so.

The dog is wearing a bright orange jacket and looks like an ACD. A truck is a coming at it but slows down and lets the dog cross.

The dog goes into the hotel parking lot and starts sniffing around the edges.

As I get closer I see it does look like an ACD. And he is wearing a bright orange jacket Very odd. I wonder if somebody is just letting their dog be a free range dog? I can see he has a collar on and some tags hanging from it. He is pretty skittish though. He won't let me get too close to him and I have grouchy Tattoo along. I take him back up to the hotel room and come back outside but the roving ACD is no where to be seen.

I thought it was pretty odd.

12-27-2011, 08:02 AM
Hopefully he found his way back home. Obviously somebody's pet, and good thing he had the orange jacket on so that the truck was able to see him...but hopefully he's not wearing it BECAUSE they let him get loose and think he's safer with it on...

12-27-2011, 10:29 PM
This is one thing that is sort of upsetting to me.
We would have to see on an average of 1 dog that is lost. And does its best to find home.
When you see a dog that is lost you can tell without being around a dog as they all do this.
Walk one way and always looking around. Stop in mid step and look again.
Turn around and go back to where it thought it had come from then only to turn back the way they were going in the forst place.
You can see in their poor little eyes that they are lost for whatever reason.
Don't like seeing it but I know it wont be too long before we see another.