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08-09-2009, 10:42 AM
I have 2 CDs, a 3 year old named Maggie. She is the sweetest CD ever, very laid back, quiet, likes her space. VERY submissive. I also have Luna, a 1 year old CD full of energy, craves attention, loves to play but gets a little out of control at times with Maggie so I have to reel her in. She doesn't understand that Maggie likes her space so at times she is always on her. It's gotten 2 the point where I, during the course of the day, seperate them...only to find MAggie whining because she can't find Luna. As soon as I put them together again Maggie stops her whining and is happy but then Luna is on full throttle for her to play and MAggie looks at me like..here we go again, why can't this girl chill. There are times that Maggie really does go after Luna to let her know that she wants to be left alone. It is only then that Luna submits and gives her the space she needs. So Maggie does have a fighting spirit I just wish she would show it more then I believe Luna would backoff her and give her space. When they do get along it is magical and so much fun to watch! It is like these 2 can't live with or without each other. Any advice?

08-09-2009, 11:23 AM
Get another dog? ;) JK...but his did help me in a similar situation...but I was lucky to get the perfect third dog to balance things out and play with the crazy one when the mellow one had had enough.

Seriously, I think what you are doing is right. Sounds like Maggie can stand up for herself when she wants to. Because we are humans, we look at things differently. Foe example, Lance and Pebbles play very rough sometimes, Lance will pin Pebbles to the ground and I see her struggling, so I call him off her only to find her jump up and attack him and go right back in the ring. She loves it. Sometimes I do separate my dogs when they get overstimulated.

08-10-2009, 09:40 PM
Want me to send Chief down to straighten things out? He'll put them in their place! Seriously though, I agree with Lauralu. As long as no one gets hurt Maggie seems to be taking care of herself. I get that way with my Maggie too, i don't want anyone bothering her because I think she is too submissive but then she goes and bugs Chief again right after I tell Chief to leave her alone. Just remember not to feel sorry for maggie because of her eye, she can take care of herself.

08-10-2009, 11:54 PM
Maybe Luna needs a bit of play time with someone else or a walk before she plays with Maggie. Something to run off the excess energy a bit.:)

08-11-2009, 01:23 PM
They'll work it out. Sometimes our older female would get totally frustrated w/ the puppy. So sometimes I'd let her go into our bedrm and have some "space" by herself and when she was ready she could come back out. The 2 girls are still pretty much inseparable and the pup is now @ 2 yrs old. Our male is more playful so he was ok w/ the puppy 24/7. Usually the 2 girls play together more often than not. It's like the pup plays tag w/ her and then does zoomies. It's quite entertaining. Mrs YB

08-11-2009, 06:20 PM
Puppies can be the worst pests. They get away with it because they have what was referred to before on this forum as a "puppy license"
They use the puppy license to see how far they can push the bigger dogs in their pack. It is all wiggle, wiggle, head down submissive face licking, cheek biting, whining, pawing, tease, tease, tease. I think it helps them establish where their rank will be in the pack when they grow up.
Although the pup is saying by his body language " I am submitting to you"
and "I am a baby, dont hurt me" What the puppy is learning, is how much crap each dog in his family will take from him before the big dog has had enough and sends the baby packing! He is establishing his rank! Once the
puppy has grown up and lost his puppy license he will have to fight to change his rank in the pack. The puppy license allows the baby to slide
into a place in the pack order at a time when he is to little and vulnerable to actually fight for his place.
I let the puppy pest the big dogs until it starts to bug me!
It usually goes something like this: Ernest teases until he has the big dog
snarling and growling. His favorite is to try and see if he can keep the big dog out of a room or from going down the hallway. When I have had enough of the big dogs growls and Ernest's snivels and whines. I make Ernest stop. It is important to correct the puppy not the big dog. It tells the puppy that I am the top dog and lead the whole pack and it also shows the dog Ernest was pesting that I am a fair leader and I know who
was being a brat! The big dogs can sound very ferocious even acting like they are biting the puppy. These are the dogs who are not going to give up their rank to the newest pack member. So of course these are the dogs that get pested the worst.
Ernest is an Alpha wannabee. In a house full of alpha wannabees. No one will give him an inch! Mariel has already revoked Ernest's puppy license!
If he tries to mess with her she flattens him for real! So he leaves her alone now.

I have had submissive dogs like Maggie. They do need to be protected a little from the pesting. I think they sometimes are afraid the owners are going to blame them if they snark back at the pup.
It is an attitude game. Maggie needs to know it is the pup who is offending you not her. If you are not sure Maggie knows you are correcting the pup and not her. Dont say a thing to Maggie. Correct Luna with your back to Maggie. If you come at both of them facing them and
telling them stop, Maggie will think you are coming at her too. Body language, body language, body language;)
I am only guessing this is how it is with Luna and Maggie
It is an experienced guess though, I have seen it many times.
A good way to verify is to watch the dogs when Maggie is absolutely sure no person is around to offend. She probably does not let Luna bully her then.

08-11-2009, 06:41 PM
this was like Oscar and Sandy when we first got Oscar, he was ALWAYS bugging her to play pawing her.. sometimes Sandy would play with him and it was great but sometimes she get right mad and put him in his place make him yelp n cry but then half hour later hed be right back to bugging her lol. But then we got Lily and Lily and Oscar would play 24/7 he left Sandy alone intirely. But maybe in your case Luna just needs more walks tire her out or maybe a friends dog to play with?