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07-01-2009, 10:32 AM
Just having a senior moment with Boof. It's late at night and we are having a bit of a talk. Little Brandi is a legend. She keeps interrupting us :biggrin2: I love her, she is so funny.

I'm worried about Boofer. He seems to be so relaxed, so easy. He's only five years old. He just stares at me and gives me his paw. He has alot of years left in him. I have never known a dog to try and be so comfortable with me :paw:

What i'm trying to say is i'll never get over life without my Boof.

07-01-2009, 10:52 AM
Some are terrors, some are complacent, and some like Boof, are devoted. Simply devoted. Nothing more to give than his whole heart to you.

07-01-2009, 11:23 AM
*sigh* i remember the first time i noticed a little more 'white' on my Y Z's chin. he was 5...and i realized just what a phenomenal dog he had matured into...all the trials & tribulations of his youth where long forgotten, i had a little trip down memory lane...the destroyed couch...the knawed off coffee table...the misunderstandings...the frustration of training on both sides...the patience i learned...the skills he learned...the endless car rides & beach days that i thought would go on indefinetely...

the last few years i had with Y Z where the greatest-he was a distinguished gentlemen with moments of reckless abandon, a true ambassador for his breed! he saved many dogs with his gift of life, he aided me in educating the community by attending all of my public Pet First Aid classes (and was a wonderful model for muzzling, proper lifting of an injured dog, and bandaging wounds!) he was with me day & night & at work for the last 4 years of his life.

no worries...your Boofer Doggie Woofer will be with you for a great many more years...no need for you to have a mid-life crisis because he has reached middle age...

i cannot tell you how you will fare when 'the time comes'...but i did better than i expected, even thogh my friends and i where worried i'd have a nervous breakdown or something,but it was the weeks & months after my loss of Y Z that where the worst. the pain ebbs & flows like the tides, and slowly fades into fondness & memories.

it will be 2 years on August 10th that i lost my Y Z. i am now ready for another ACD to enhance my life, allow me to be a good human, and give my love to...

i can only hope that a dog as wonderful as the Boofers & Y Z's of the ACD world will come my way...


07-01-2009, 12:30 PM
Age 5 for a Heeler is in no way old! Not even middle age really. You have a LOT of years left with Boof. I still miss my Bella terribly, but I know that 9yrs for a Rottie is old- they are not a long lived breed, but Heelers are, so enjoy this time- you got a long way to go with Boof. In 5 more years, he will still be able to outrun you!:biggrin2:

07-01-2009, 02:03 PM
It's hard not to go there in thought - how awful their loss will be as they can be such exceptional devoted loving dogs beyond words. They are in a class all to their own. Those of us that truly understand this breed and love them in spite of themselves consider them priceless. I wouldnt trade any of their antics or personalities for the world. They have taught us many things. Perhaps one of the most important is even though they've done their share of destroying my furniture or things lying around we've learned to laugh at it and let it go. Afterall material things are not what truly matters in life. Enjoying our companions for the individual personalities they have is. I try to focus on quality time with them rather than their ages as time goes by to fast. I want them all to live forever. So when they paw at me to get petted I always stop what I'm doing to give them that time with me. They ask for so very little from us. I just cannot deny them. Enjoy the good days with them and treasure those memories. Mrs YB

07-01-2009, 04:21 PM
Bud will be 9 in November and has a developed a LOT of grey around his muzzle and under his tail around his butt. We now affectionately call him "Grey gooch" :roll1:
Sucks to think of them getting old. He's slowed some down in the last year or two but still absolutely loves running, chasing his ball and swimming or just cruising the neighbourhood on a walk sniffing all the smells and overriding them with his own :naughty:
Chip is 7 now and is fitter and faster than he's ever been. Still as silly as a wheel though. That damn OBM never did arrive :no:
Neither of our boys are super affectionate like that but I can pick Chippy up and cuddle him on my lap and he kisses me like there's no tomorrow but he has to get up and move before too long. I miss my old lap dog Sparky who loved nothing more than lying next to me with his head on my lap staring up at me.