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06-29-2009, 11:21 AM
From another list:

Fourth of July is the busiest time for shelters!

*~*Tag your pets and keep them contained*~*

I have a list of lost and found resources that I have compiled to share.
I posted them on a blog http://dawnkfortheanimals.wordpress.com/
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Also, Keep those kitties indoors!

From: Judy Byrd
Subject: Firecrackers, fireworks coming...get tags on those dogs!

Reminder for rescuers (and tell all your non-rescue friends with dogs) Make sure they're collared and tagged! Supposed to be the time of the year when most dogs escape their homes and are 'on the loose'.

Don't trust tie-outs or just collars for dogs between now and whenever your neighbors run out of fireworks...like probably not until the middle of July...IF THEY SLIP THEIR COLLARS, they can't tell anyone where they belong.

The noise frightens some dogs terribly (and cats can suffer, too). They will jump over fences you thought they couldn't, go right through screens or windows. Be ready to pull blinds, turn on lights and turn up TV or radio to cover the noise.

If you know your dog(s) is frightened, ask your vet what you can use to ease their anxiety.

Pass it on!

06-29-2009, 01:50 PM
I usually go to watch the fireworks at the park especially since I consider it as part of my birthday celebration. The city shoots off fireworks very near my house. However, Dublin is very scared of loud popping nosies so I'll just stay home. He pants and wants the comfort of his crate.

06-29-2009, 09:58 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 2speckledblue!:biggrin2:
We will be celebrating in the usual manner- dogshow! Fri,Sat, and Sun, we will be in Louisiana, at an obedience only competition. There is usually a dinner after the show at the training center. Good food, good friends, and a good time with Opie & Penny. We will watch the fireworks being shot off in the Red River. My guys barely notice the fireworks, but they will be in their crates anyway.

06-30-2009, 01:05 AM
Great reminders. I dread lookin' at Craig's list the next day and seeing all of the posting of dogs and cats that ran off due to fireworks. My 3 are in their crates and our cats hide for most of the day and night. I have one that really freaks out with loud noises and 2 that are okay with them.

No reason for taking chances of them slipping collars, so they stay inside. Our complex doesn't allow fireworks so it's not too bad here.