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06-05-2009, 07:22 PM
So i figured i would drop a few pics of chewy since it has been a while since i last posted pics etc! Chewy is now about 5.5 months and weighs in around 40lbs....don't know if that is way too heavy for this dog or not but i don't think we feed him too much (basically twice a day at about a cup each time).

im trying to switch him over to raw and have quite a few opinions on the way to go with raw. still working on whats best and cost efficient so right now it is a mix of kibble and frozen patties.

as for exercise, we take a couple walks a day min as well as try to get him to the park to play ball or frisbee or soccer but it seems each activity only lasts about 15 mins or so before he moves on to something else...so we play until he basically barks for us to throw something and then doesn't chase after it but lays in the grass and stares at us...then we head back home...

still has a couple bad habbits....barks quite a bit at us for food or attention or when he hears other voices around the yard....the citranella collar did nothing for him except allow him to come right up to my face, bark and let me have a nice taste of citranella..may have to switch to a shock or pitch collar at somepoint as he can get pretty vocal and completely ignore our requests for "quiet"....

he has taken to chasing cars as well but we are working on drawing his attention always on us with treats etc in hopes that eventually he won't care about the cars....also using a "pinch collar" for walks as well which seems to get his attention....

he also loves to wake us up around 5:45am or so ....not too much of a big deal though considering he is in bed around 10 pm so i guess 8 hours is a pretty long time to be in the kennel......though this does bring me to another point, for those of you who have cattle dogs as house pets and not on a ranch, do you kennel you dog/pup or do you let him sleep in a certain area or the bedroom out of kennel? just curious if anyone lets their younger pups sleep out of a kennel..also do you allow them to roam when you are away or do you kennel them during the day at work...

anyway, hope you enjoy the new pics and look forward to hearing back from people...


john sylvie and chewy......

06-05-2009, 08:01 PM
Nice looking dog! I wouldn't worry about the proper weight, if he is not carrying around extra pounds (fat) He may just be a heavy boned, muscular guy. I use the pinch collar for heeling, I've found it works for the "teenage" years. Your statement on him chasing cars worries me though! Is he off leash? I would keep him on lead, no matter how well trained, if you are in a area that has passing cars. Five months is still a puppy- he can't really be expected to be 100% at this age. My dogs are 3 & 4yrs and have obedience titles, but I would never let them off lead anywhere they might get hit by a car!
I also use e-collars, but not on a 5 month old pup. I don't know how much experience you have with using the electronic collars, but you need to learn how to use it and when. Please don't just put it on the pup and shock him when he doesn't listen. There are some free e-collar lessons on www.leerburg.com
Read all you can about the collar before buying or using one. I wouldn't really recomend the use without going through a training session with someone who is very experienced.
As for sleeping arrangements- my dogs sleep in the house in crates. Did you mean crates or kennels? I'm retired, but when I was still working, I used a 10 x 15 kennel that was attached to my garage. It also had a cover. It depended on the dog, as to whether I would leave them in the house or outside in the kennel. I've had Heelers and Rottweilers, so I usually let the Rotties stay in the house. It is very hot here and they can't handle heat too well. Right now, my dogs and 2 fosters, sleep in their crates at night. I have friends that use baby gates, but Cattledogs can jump over almost anything. Five months is really too young to leave loose in the house. Too many things to get into- like chewing wires!
I'm not too good at explaining things on post, but I'm sure you will get some excellent advice. Great pics- Please don't let this beautiful little guy get hit by a car!

06-05-2009, 08:24 PM
3 ACDs have us and we let them roam free throughout the house and yard while we are home. Otherwise, we restrict them to a certain part of the house if we go out or someone comes over as we realize not all people love dawgs. As long as they behave themselves they continue to have these privileges. They know the rules from day one and we've seldom had any problems. Our youngest has gotten into some mischief but is outgrowing it. She was the first out of 5 ACDs to do anything she shouldnt inside the house. I know crate training is popular by many on this forum. Mrs YB

06-05-2009, 08:30 PM
sorry for the confusion...by kennel i guess i mean "crate" ..... when it is bed time, i simply say go kennel...he knows that if he goes in his kennel he gets a treat for bed time and he then just lays down...

as for the cars.... HE IS NEVER OFF LEAD unless in an enclosed area where he can focus on myself and my wife....but even on lead he is a real pain sometimes to even walk as for every car that passes he goes nuts...barks whines pulls....but he has gotten much much better lately and between the pinch collar and the "with me" command and treats, he has started to pay attention to us and not the cars...

thanks for the advice on the shock collar...wasn't planning on using one unless all else fails but for now we will simply keep working with him....

he also loves to "counter surf" now (rest his paws up on the counter to see what he can get his nose into in the kitchen) and completely ignores our "down" command until we bring out the bitter apple spray bottle and then he gets down...very stubborn guy to say the least.... the tenacity of this breed never stops amazing me...

06-05-2009, 10:15 PM
What a cutie! He's absolutely gorgeous! I am also the owner of a *gasp* city ACD. We crated Lucy at night until she was about 6 months old, then we started letting her stay out because she would want to sleep near us anyway. She got the hang of whining/bugging us when she had to go out, so we didn't have too many accidents.

We crated her up to nearly 1 year old (but kept the house puppy-proofed) when no one was home during the day....luckily, she was rarely left alone more than 4 hours at a time though, due to different schedules among the human members of the family!

Lucy used to bark at us ALL the time.....she'd bark if she wanted to play, even during our dinner.....she'd bark when we were in bed because she didn't want to go to bed yet.....she'd bark while we were trying to have a relaxing Sunday morning. She even started purposely rolling her ball under the couch and bark at us until someone went down on his/her hands and knees to fish it out. People enabled her, but I finally set a rule for everyone to ignore her. It took a while, but she eventually (after about 3 weeks of incessant barking!) figured out that barking didn't get her attention - positive OR negative - and now she's a little angel :) So I don't know if you're patient enough to handle the barking (my aunt wanted to kill me and the dog!) but it can be stopped without having to use harmful shock collars, etc. Just my two cents.

Good for you for doing raw....I tried it with Lucy but she would barely touch most stuff....we ended up going to the next best thing - grain free kibble that is cooked at low temps...

Good luck with your little cutie! :)

06-06-2009, 04:03 AM
Chewy is flippin' adorable! My two are city dogs, too. :biggrin2: They both get plenty of exercise- mental stimulation is a good idea, too. He's definitely old enough to learn some tricks. We also have a 'bobs a lot' treat dispenser that I put part of their meals in. My two have a god time shoving it around to get the food out.

Couple of thoughts on the 'bad' behaviors (he's still young, so I just consider them puppy struggles- heh!)- Scout was a counter surfer, so I got a scat mat and put in in front of my kitchen doorway. Worked like a charm. I've had it turned off for months now and they don't set a foot near it, even if a ball or treat goes in the kitchen. I loaned it to my friend who has a very pain tolerant Chessie and it worked for them, too.

Also, on the barking, you might just have to make *not* barking worth more than barking. My two like to bark when they are inside and the neighbor dog barks. I set a container of treats on the coffee table and when the neighbor dog barked, I said, 'no bark' before they got a chance to do it, then when they didn't, they got a treat and a GOOD NO BARK!! It's been about three weeks and they are already at about 90% success. A lot of the time when that dog barks, they just go sit by the treat container. I've even started backing them off the treats and they are staying at 90%. The other 10% is usually when they hear people talking outside our place, not when the neighbor dog barks. Their protective nature overrides the desire for treats at times. Heh!

Sounds like you guys are doing great for such a youngster, though! I bet if you went to teaching some tricks when he's looking for attention, that might help that behavior. Maybe he's just bored?

06-06-2009, 08:04 PM
If I remember right, it took about 9 months to a year before ours were trusted enough to be uncrated while we were at work - and then we gated them in the kitchen (with NO food left out anywhere) for awhile longer. Now they have the run of the house and don't do any damage. When you get to that point, leave them for short periods of time - 10 minutes, then 15, then 30, then an hour, etc., until you know they can be trusted.

Don't worry about having a "city ACD" - there are no rules about where they can live. Many of us know of a handicapped woman in a high-rise in Chicago who has two ACD's that she is training as service dogs. They do great, as she has set them up for success. So no hard-and-fast rules - they don't necessarily "need a ranch/farm to run" as so many people think. They do need mental stimulation and physical exercise to be happy, but it sounds like you're doing fine on both counts. You just need to get safely through the puppy stage!

06-07-2009, 08:12 PM
Ok so i am adding a few new pics of chewy...most recent photos i have as they are of today....one is chewy on the stairs the other...well lets just say it is his first stuffed toy "kill"....pretty funny...







06-07-2009, 08:54 PM
What a gorgeous boy! Look at the innocent face on him when he's caught red handed with his kill. "what toy daddy?" :roll1:

06-07-2009, 08:56 PM
my fav is the last photo...."i have no idea what you are talking about dad" as he has a stuffing mustache.....good stuff!!!