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02-03-2007, 01:18 AM
Hello everyone

Well Comet the crazy ACD puppy has been keeping us on our toes. She is sleeping well at night though, goes in her kennel willingly, and isn't whining/screaming/crying anymore (well barely at all!!:) )

However I wanted to have people's opinion, Comet is VERY independent and strong willed (aren't all ACDS?) and I have caught her several times climbing ontop of my adult female and humping her. I don't feel it is AT ALL sexual but completely dominant. Needless to say that Sydney my female doesn't take that for long and pins her to the ground and gives her some serious punishment. How much is too much and when/if should I intervene. Sydney is a good teacher and doesn't draw blood, however the way that Comet screams for dear life you would think she was being skinned! The last couple of times I saw Comet bite Sydney deliberately in an attempt to stay "top dog" and then Sydney really lays into her.
As well the other night Comet bit Sydney in the face over a toy and Sydney let her know that was a big NO NO!

My thinking is that the puppy needs to learn, she is WAY too young (4 months) to be exerting that kind of dominance on a 3 yr old adult and deserves to be put in her place. Especially seeing as Sydney is a lot of talk and power but not actually making any marks on the puppy.

I am really looking for other people's experience and advice with living with 2 bad ACDs :confused:

02-03-2007, 11:30 AM
Thanks for the advice

I know that she was aquired from the breeder at 6 weeks of age, which IMO is too young. She was the only dog in the household at her previos home and was obviously allowed to do whatever she wanted when she wanted. She does not hesitate to bite my husband or myself the moment she doesn't want to do something or share something. But that we are working on and she is getting much better!

When she first came into the house she would roll on her back and pee herself when the other dogs (we had a boxer lab mix at that time as well) would come near her. They would try and play and she would freak out (cower, tail tucked, ears pinned back). She has now realized that things are ok, and her life isn't over and she and my female do play quite a bit. Play goes well for a while and then as I find when ACDs play.....someone crosses a line and bites to hard and then all hell breaks loose! But yes there are definitely times they play nice together, and my female will let the pup come and lie down beside her (when she doesn't always let other dogs do)

We have been getting her out and about, I have been brining her to work with me at the veterinary clinic. She is super submissive with people as well at first, but like I mentioned she quickly turns into Miss Bossy and Snappy pants!!

Thanks for mentioning about the "Drama Queen" that would be the perfect descriptor for her. Even when you go to remove something from her mouth she SCREAMS and shreeks!!

Thanks again, and any other comments are greatly appreciated!

02-03-2007, 01:12 PM
I agree with all that was said. Sydney will be able to teach her respect and manners that humans just cant. She has been through alot in her few short months of life (not to mention she is ACD) It sounds like she is picking up things real quick. I hope she will soon realize that there is no need for that behavior. Good luck!