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02-01-2007, 10:52 AM
Hello, what a wonderful group.. I have a question. This time it's about Emma.. She seems to be vomiting very early in the morning. this started about 5 weeks ago. I switched her food to a diet food and figured this was an adjustment. She only vomits once or twice and then is fine. We'll this morning and her only morning she wasn't interested in eating:eek: . Emma not love food. She did eat but only because Angus was gonna take it. She has energy, barks,runs, plays ect... I'm going to town and putting her back on her old food.. I just woner if this would be premature to take her to the vet or see if her regular food makes a difference.. Oh and I also fed her around 9pm (just a little) to see if the food digests in her body to fast...the diet food is california natural also..


02-01-2007, 11:18 AM
Did the vomiting start at the same time as the new food? If so there could be a connection.
Some dogs do vomit when they are hungry, so you could also try feeding her a bit at night right before bed to tide her over...
If she doesn't improve soon, though, I would still get her checked out, or if she goes "downhill"....

02-01-2007, 11:46 AM
Hi Joanne!
Just saw your note - you know, I'd vote for taking her in just to check things out & make sure all is well...I guess the thing that would worry me is her lack of interest in food. Is she interested in treats? Do you think she may have gotten into something while out playing or anything like that? How old is she? I'm just so used to my crew being piranhas about dinner, so if she's not keeping things down and not really wanting to eat, sure it could be the diet change but taking her in would be good to rule out anything else...
Keep us posted!

02-01-2007, 04:53 PM
vet time! susan

02-01-2007, 07:17 PM
Emma is 3 years old. She also eats like it's her ast meal.. I can't see her getting into anything recently because she has been with me and hates to go outside if I'm home.. you never know though.. I have spoken tot he vetand she wants me to watch her tonight and see how she does, then in tomorrow if she vomits again.. She ate this afternoon and really wants treats ect.. I'll update tomorrow.. thantks for the replies and advice...


02-02-2007, 11:12 AM
UPDATE.. Im calling the vet in 20 minutes to see if i can get her in soon. She vomited last night, then was fine and is driving me nuts this morning. she wants food, but I fugure she would need to fast for tests.. poor baby, shes gonna whither away. I sure hope its not anything bad.. I cant see it being becasue she has so much energy and feels so great during the day..


02-02-2007, 11:23 AM
I hope the vet doesnt find anything serious! Keep us posted. I will be sending good thoughts your way!

02-02-2007, 11:25 AM
Joanne I'm glad to hear that you'll be talking to your vet and getting Emma in for a look-see.

I've noticed with 2 of my dogs, Taser and Sasha, that if I'm late feeding them in the morning one or both of them may upchuck a little bile. Our vet is aware of this and they're both fine. They do get fed 2x a day. We think that they're both just so excited and anticipating the meal that they rev up the drool machine. :tongue0013: I know Taser will start licking his chops like crazy and pawing at me one half hour before scheduled feeding time, lol. My dogs are serious chow hounds - their food just can't come fast enough.

I hope your vet is able to figure out what's going on with Emma and you both can get this cleared up asap. Looking forward to hearing so please keep us updated! :)

02-02-2007, 12:53 PM
Glad to hear you're taking her for a checkup, I'll be waiting here and hoping for news that's good. Sending you and Emma some very positive energy today!

02-02-2007, 05:23 PM
Were back fromt he vet.. I didn't learn much though.. She did vomit at the vet. The vet did a complete blood panel and found everything normal. She took Xrays and everything looks normal-Her bladder was full., stool normal, and urine tests normal... The vet said that her stomach was tight and she could tell it hurt though.. So I'm to get her off the sensible choice diet, and get her back on her regular food. I also have a prescription diet for a few days to give her stomace a rest. No exercise for a couple of days. I can give her pain meds if I need to, but at the moment I dont like to use rymadyl if I dont need to. So I just watch her and see what happens...I'm sooooo glad there is no blockage :D ...She is now sleeping off her stressful day..Oh I also have a wormer just in case.. she does eat dead things if I don't get to them first...I wish I knew what the little bugger was getting into or what is wrong with her... I hate waitng

02-02-2007, 05:27 PM
I am so happy that they did not find anything serious. I hope her tummy feels better soon!:love0061:

02-02-2007, 06:56 PM
well, that is all good news joanne even though it is tough not to hear a specific diagnosis! hope she feels better soon. susan

02-03-2007, 03:53 PM
I talked with Joanne yesterday about changing her food - especially if she was doing well on the other brand, just change it to another type within that brand. Since she fed Precise (which I had suggested as it was available locally) I thought she might try the Sensicare Formula that has good protein and fats but not too much PLUS it also has probiotics.

This is from a article on Probiotics in dog foods----

Common names for probiotics you will find in supplements are various strains of bacillus (lichenformis, subtilis), lactobacillus (acidophilus, lactis, plantarum, salivarius), bifidobacterium (bifidum, longum), streptococcus (faecium, lactis) and enterococcus (faecium). These are beneficial bacteria that colonize the gut and provide support for the body: they complete digestion of nutrients the body can not utilize fully without this assistance, produce vitamins and other metabolic compounds, provide protection against pathogenic bacteria by creating an unfavorable environment for these "bad" microbes, support the immune system, decrease mutagenic or carcinogenic activity and other benefits. Many of them have not been fully explored and documented yet, but it is known that laboratory animals with a healthy, supportive intestinal flora and fauna are healthier than their counterparts without.

Hopefully in 2 weeks or so all will be calm again :p

www.austlynacds.com (http://www.austlynacds.com)

02-03-2007, 04:55 PM
Lynda last night went great. I woke up several times to check on her and she was sound asleep snoring away.. she ate the perscription diet this morning and has been hopping around since.. no sign of pain... great and I will be getting a bag of precise when I go to town Monday.. thanks for the advise


02-03-2007, 05:10 PM
What a relief!!! :party0042: Thats great news!