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06-01-2008, 10:46 AM
Just wanted to continue this thread that I started under another heading.

Until I fostered Mike (through Carolina R & R), I could not fathom the little bits of my heart, time, home, family, and checkbook that go into this labor of love. I just want to support those folks out there who realize that there are many, many ways to help these dogs, that don't include fostering.

Not to whine about money (because you really can't put a price on what we do), but the TERRIFIC stray dog Carolina R & R rescued in Cabarrus County was HW Negative, had no worms, and no fleas. Well, along with that wonderful news on his health, it still cost $400.00 to have this all tested, and to have him neutered.

No vets in this County will provide even a 10% discount to any additional rescues. Sure I could have searched (takes time) for services in another county and taken him to that county (time, money). Or I could have waited 6 weeks to have him neutered at the local low cost spay neuter clinic (saving money on neutering, adding additional time that he is unadoptable, and adding money to keep him in my home while we wait to have him neutered).

In a perfect situation, Mike will find a new home and Carolina R & R will recover $175 of the $400.00 spent on him. Time, which is a valuable commodity for us all, is never recovered.

Know how we all look forward to a vacation? One of our members spent her vacation this week coordinating a transfer. Another member spends a weekend every month or two helping a rescue photograph and provide shots to rescued dogs, and to build kennels.

To those who do give of their time and money and heart, KUDOS, HUGS, APPLAUSE and I'll even turn cartwheels for you. You all are heros.... and to those who cannot foster and say that they wish that they could help ... ASK how you can help. I can guarantee that you will get some great suggestions.

Just my two cents :biggrin2: