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  1. ** Product Recalls / Consumer Alerts **
  2. The Michael Vick thread
  3. Things my dog ate! (formerly What was that?)
  4. New section for dog subjects that are not related to ACDs
  5. Mighty pup takes on crocs
  6. Happy Birthday Kwick
  7. Leo the ACD wanna be
  8. For those against tail docking...
  9. Why dogs bite humans:
  10. Happy Birthday Nova
  11. question on dew claws
  12. Toy Recommendations?
  13. Dogs Deserve Better - website
  14. NutroMax food killing dogs now???
  15. Dog-fighting Hotline
  16. Bucket Boy's Cousin?
  17. Oprah show on puppy mills 4/4
  18. SC Senator dumps pregnant GSD at high-kill shelter
  19. Wolf-dog in North Carolina - needs help
  20. Useful Stuff and Gems of Wisdom
  21. Kern Cty, CA - Shelter animals story
  22. Absolutely appalling act of cruelty - sign petition - warning very disturbing images
  23. Vicktory Dogs!
  24. New Foster
  25. Frustrated from Trying to find a home
  26. One of Canada's most obedient dogs, right here on Aucado!
  27. Single Black Female
  28. don't hate us cus we adopted
  29. ACD Wannabe's - the OTHER animals that live with us...
  30. Golden Retriever in South Australia needs home -ADOPTED!
  31. Fishing in Walker Lake, NV
  32. A normal night at my house....or "Fun with Food"
  33. Animal Kingdom's Odd Couples
  34. The Vet's
  35. Charlie Kissing Cows (like Jake did)
  36. Cool Deal!
  37. Dog-friendly cars
  38. Speaking of SNAKES!!!!!!!
  39. Anyone herding in Tennessee?
  40. Car Misbehavior
  41. Memorial Day Speckled Dog Convention
  42. Justice for puppy mill neglect
  43. Pet Food at Food Banks
  44. A very lucky dog
  45. Adopt a Military Dog
  46. Just a question....
  47. Britain's Got Talent - Gin the Dog
  48. America's talented dogs on CBS
  49. Toad Safe Training
  50. Happy 4th Of July A Day Early!!!!
  51. mini dachsie chews off owners toe.
  52. how horrible can people be any lawyers out there
  53. Dog attacks no joke for letter carriers and delivery people
  54. Also Found this site on the net about dog bites
  55. Christian the Lion
  56. "Saving Michael Vick's Dogs" -- nice article
  57. Kong stuck on Parker's lower jaw
  58. Mosquito repellents???
  59. My new job
  60. ACD Rescuer Needs Help with Beagle Puppies
  61. Irresponsible dog owners aren't getting the message
  62. Boy's Arm Amputated After Dog Attacks
  63. Pet theft articles and theft prevention.
  64. Dog Dies in Florida After Attack by Swarm of Honeybees
  65. Dog breeder facing animal abuse charges still at large
  66. Funny dog behaviors...
  67. Gone for a Short While
  68. News links DOG RELATED
  69. this is meant for conversation!!!
  70. Soldier's dog has cancer - can you help?
  71. Not ACD's but it still sucks
  72. Family says neighbor shot dog for being too loud
  73. GSD guarded body of owner after apparent suicide.
  74. Paws for Courage - Domestic violence help
  75. A new life for one of Michael Vick's dogs
  76. Officer charged in dog's death
  77. Collie Rescue Contacts???
  78. Individual indicted for animal cruelty for leaving dog in car
  79. Favorite Dog Stories / Books
  80. Officer shrugs off pulled-over couple's dying dog
  81. Dangerous Dog Toy
  82. Dog Lessons for People
  83. What would you do?
  84. Way Less Flea Scratching
  85. 1000 dogs rescued from Parkersburg WV
  86. Corona's third birthday!
  87. Dog registered to vote in Seattle, WA
  88. Dogs get their own beach in Cyprus
  89. Birmingham Championship Dog Show UK
  90. Dogs rule the pool at annual Garland fundraiser
  91. Veterinary nurse and dog contract bovine TB
  92. Child's thought at loss of his dog
  93. Dominatrix Doggie
  94. How Could You?
  95. More Jim Willis works
  96. Dog town on national geographic (micheal Vick dogs)
  97. Dog blood drives save canine lives
  98. Infant dies after family dog attacks her
  99. The Other Breeds We Love
  100. Remembering the S&R Dogs of 9/11
  101. Tribute to a MWD!
  102. YouTube video - How do I report an objectionable one?
  103. Blog: Cats and Dogs as Economic Indicators, or, People Just Ain't No Good
  104. McNab Dogs
  105. Help for Hurricane Ike Animals
  106. A couple interesting web sites
  107. Bentleys for Molly
  108. Puppy Mill Legislation
  109. A Pet's Ten Commandments
  110. Oprah to Have a Follow-Up on Puppy Mills on Thursday, Sept 25
  111. The Kiss
  112. Problem with pictures
  113. Tag chewing???
  114. What some ppl will do to save their dog
  115. The Daily Coyote - medical oddity
  116. Colbert's Gotcha Day!
  117. Altitude change on doggie ears
  118. Hoarder situation involving rat terriers in western Indiana
  119. Anyone sell Mary Kay?
  120. Victory in PAŚLandmark Puppy Mill Reform Bill Passes!
  121. what to expect at class
  122. Sweet Homecoming Video
  123. Dog tags
  124. ARTICLE: New "dog and cat" store
  125. Flyer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie
  126. Army blocks soldier from bringing Ratchet home - happy update!
  127. No charges in dog shooting
  128. Dogs may help combat childhood obesity: study
  129. Wag the Dog: A Goodwill Ambassador Comes Home
  130. Matted Print: Dogs are Miracles with Paws
  131. UpsideDownDogs.com
  132. Great Dog Story
  133. Please help me make BARC in Houston a NO KILL SHELTER!!
  134. Tennis ball danger
  135. Sign petition against Canadian puppy mills
  136. Video: How Dogs Drink
  137. I have to vent about Vet's and their prices.
  138. Minimizing scarring??
  139. Petition on BSL in Ohio
  140. RAttlesnakes and Smart Ruby
  141. Start your day with a good giggle...
  142. Dog almost dies in Fire - refuses to leave kittens!
  143. Pound puppy becomes narcotics dog in Florida
  144. Pit Bull Rescues
  145. Street Parade
  146. Animal cruelty petitions
  147. Anyone in Southwest Michigan?
  148. This weeks Daily Coyote Blog - Shreve's in People Magazine
  149. dogpile.com -my favorite search engine is helping dog rescue
  150. "For Life" Campaign - let's stop unnecessary euthanasia
  151. If i didn't have dogs
  152. I rescued a human today.
  153. Happy 10th Bark-day to Lilly, our GSP!
  154. Leo is really sick
  155. Doggie Dreams
  156. Dog Limit Laws
  157. What is she?
  158. Jindo dogs, Carolina dogs, and other ACD Look-alikes
  159. Holiday Gift for the Dog Lover that has Everything!
  160. Any Cattledog, Dog, Kitty or Gecko want to play secret santa?
  161. genetic testing
  162. Houston Dog-fighting ring - BUSTED!
  163. AZ Snake Training
  164. Tell Petland to Stop Selling Puppies -- Watch This Video, Then Take Action
  165. "A blast in the snow" - video
  166. How to get your cattle dog to sleep in for a change...
  167. What to do with all the *extra* toys-a challenge to everyone-
  168. Doggy wish list!
  169. Dogpile.com, anyone else seen this?
  170. this is not a joke
  171. Is anyone familiar with New Zealand Huntaways?
  172. Check this Out...Pretty Cool
  173. This is proof...
  174. Justice for Shep...A dog on a Chain : (
  175. Happy BarkDay Colbert!
  176. Budget Pet Care Tips
  177. YouTube video
  178. Mouse!!
  179. Justice for Karley
  180. Help Tony The Tiger - Caged Tiger - into Big Cat Sanctuary
  181. Look what I found!
  182. Dogs can think "no fair" too
  183. Dogster "Best..." Photo Winners!
  184. Dog Treat Recall - Australia
  185. AVMA issues statement against tail docking and ear cropping
  186. Need advice on dog behavior
  187. A Skippy Christmas
  188. Dog shot 3 times (survived) protecting family from intruder
  189. Pet Dog vs Show Dog
  190. Interesting trip to our local pet store...
  191. Animal Planet can bite me!
  192. secret santa paws!
  193. Oh my! We have guests...
  194. New baby in my office - gratuitous puppy pics
  195. Lucky Doggy
  196. cometogether... or...food unites
  197. Cattledog sighting: Fallout 3
  198. I think I have a BYB neighbor...
  199. For dogs and dog lovers...
  200. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! "Bailey the forgotten reindeer"