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  1. Interesting behavior study...
  2. A stray dog showed up at our house last night ("MILES")
  3. Article about the healing power of pets
  4. Doorbells...
  5. The Hulls Haven Rescue Gang
  6. Guess the breed
  7. Awesome Radiographs!
  8. Dog and basketball (Video)
  9. Reggie
  10. my stomach is churning
  11. first day of a new job
  12. Georgia Couple Likely Killed in Dog Attack (article)
  13. Man Sues for 'Unique Value' of Chihuahua (article)
  14. Only BCs will do 500-yard outrun?
  15. Breed bias not just in the US
  16. Strange happenings yesterday
  17. Angry @ Yahoo Finance...
  18. Craigslist
  19. So what should we do?
  20. What the???? (Poop Freeze)
  21. SPCA Exec's Dog dies in hot car
  22. Corona's fourth birthday! (and Donovan's 30th!)
  23. Puppy falls asleep on stairs (video)
  24. ANOTHER Puppy Mill Bust
  25. Best Dog in the World - by T'Mara Goodsell
  26. Is anyone on here a vet?
  27. Calm Stress
  28. An interesting video, men with nothing to do!
  29. SchH Protection Videos of my Girls
  30. Wheel of Fortune Pet Photo Contest
  31. My kinda guys!!!
  32. Anyone seen this ad yet? About dog-fighting...
  33. Question bout Craigslist and Rescue.
  34. Any ideas?? (Tummy upset)
  35. Split nail won't stop Dingo!
  36. A Dog's Love and Loyalty
  37. First Foster (last minute)..suggestions!?!
  38. Halloween for non ACD's
  39. sharpei/ pit puppys
  40. CONTROVERSIAL! Please forgive me...
  41. More on Vick/Nike
  42. Kwick Protects us from the Evil Vacuum Machine (Video)
  43. What does dog-fighting have to do with free speech?
  44. Blaze deals another blow to dog rescuer
  45. Seattle Area alert/another reason to watch out at dog parks
  46. Halloween Pumpkin Art
  47. Baxter - 19yo Hospice Dog
  48. 7-foot dog may be world record holder
  49. Cookie and Coco
  50. Hero the Iraq War Dog (YouTube)
  51. Juno & 11 GSD puppies - live video stream
  52. Careful on How/Where we Play
  53. Heaven, a short story for the smart people of the world... dog lovers that is ;)
  54. Cute dog music video!
  55. New TV show - "SuperFetch" with Zak George
  56. Could I get a little help please?
  57. Craigslist Breeder Translation
  58. Craigslist Funny 'Missed Connection"
  59. DogSupplies.com Donating 100% of profit to Rescue Shop now 'til Sunday!
  60. thought I'd ask (Elfster Kris Kringle)
  61. Private dog park?
  62. Another reason why i hate Miami...
  63. Dog Greetings Doormat
  64. This is asking a lot but I thought it wouldn't hurt
  65. People looking for a bike leash
  66. Reward Offered for Info on Dogs Shot in PA
  67. Since this isn't breed specific - FLEAS OMG
  68. "Dog Flu"
  69. New CGC
  70. Handsome Max's 5th Barkday!
  71. "Best of Craigslist"
  72. Dog Poem
  73. Rescuer's Rainbow Bridge have tissues handy-allergy prone!
  74. Max's gotcha day
  75. toads
  76. Food ideas
  77. Dogs greeting veterans
  78. Army Dog Found after 14 months missing in Afghanistan
  79. Heelers make good pillows
  80. Did anyone really miss me?
  81. May I ask for some voting help?
  82. Tard needs bentleys!!
  83. New failed foster!
  84. Craigslist ad - I know, we've all heard it before
  85. People's Choice Awards - Jan. 6, 2010 - Vote!
  86. I think my new dog has eyesight problems
  87. george richards & hummel
  88. Does anyone know where I can find one of these?
  89. Military K9 Care Packages
  90. Moving, what else?
  91. Little help for an Army buddy of mine
  92. Man of the Hour.
  93. For the Yankees: List of NH State Parks that allow dogs.
  94. Dog Dancing Merengue (YouTube)
  95. Common Sense Tips for the Holidays
  96. *COUPON* Free Shipping up to 50 lbs from PetFood Direct
  97. My Thanksgiving Houseguest
  98. A Dog Named Christmas - TV special
  99. Guide to dog-friendly locations--Fido Factor.net
  100. Any UFC fans around here?
  101. Family Pictures.
  102. Question for those in the vet field
  103. GSP Rescue in Texas
  104. Forever home!/GA GSD needs transport help - GA to SC
  105. Can cats be allergic to ...cats?
  106. Wanted: Man who can set up heater-Houston we have heat!
  107. Rodeo people, can I get some help?
  108. winter got ya down?
  109. Holiday Doggie videos
  110. Whoa!!! Something's different...
  111. Ignorant or Uninformed?
  112. Former foster dog
  113. Pet Toy Safety Ratings
  114. Looking for Gift Ideas
  115. What is Cesar doing???
  116. my mutt loves snow :)
  117. A Doggy Christmas Story
  118. I'll be a little busy this holiday season.
  119. Draw the Dog cartoons
  120. Happy Gotcha Day Lily (and Smokey)
  121. Pets have a larger carbon footPrint than an SUV?
  122. Merry Christmas
  123. cute video of cat riding on a "roomba" swatting a pit bull dog
  124. Kangaroo Treats
  125. stem cell therapy
  126. My job is so unbelievable
  127. APDT: National Train Your Dog Month (Jan 2010)
  128. Grandma
  129. Stoopid dog owners
  130. New season of DogTown starts 1/1
  131. Service animals
  132. A warning for RAW diet feeders...
  133. what can be done for age related deafness?
  134. Happy Birthday Mike aka Tucker!!!
  135. Texas Heelers??
  136. White Lies
  137. Dog Rescued from Icy Creek
  138. Chihuahuas fly coast to coast for homes
  139. Regarding RAW diets...
  140. Itching
  141. Dog Bite Prevention - Per the CDC.
  142. Question for Frisbee Dog Owners
  143. The Orangutan and the Hound Dog
  144. *plop*
  145. Can I request some bentleys for my doxie?
  146. FREE Dog food from Pedigree if you adopted in 2009
  147. Animal Communicator
  148. Dog Bark Inn - Bed & Breakfast - Cottonwood, ID
  149. My GSD Gang
  150. Dog fur coats
  151. Roni's 3rd Gotcha day
  152. nitro foundation (story of boarding kennel abuse) Rotty
  153. Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Finals on TODAY!
  154. Indoor tricks
  155. Needs more than DoNotAdopt warning
  156. A funny call at work today
  157. Thinking about a new puppy...
  158. toy i made
  159. Happy 12th Bark Day, Pepper!
  160. Bentleys for Lilly, our GSP
  161. Close call for Luka
  162. Lighthouse Collar
  163. I Love This!! LOL!
  164. Dog entertaining baby video
  165. Is anyone on here from Bend, OR?
  166. Pet Hobbyist Chat Nights
  167. i have a question about down payments on pups
  168. Right or Left.
  169. For all you New Orleans Saints Fans!!!
  170. seminar on vaccinations - 3/23/10, San Diego, CA
  171. Cruelty
  172. Valentine's Day Puppy Love party
  173. Amusing New Dog Series
  174. does anyone own horses on here
  175. Our dogshow WILL have mixed breeds!
  176. Advanced cataracts
  177. Texas Snow!
  178. Help paying for veterinary services: resources
  179. I am getting this toy!
  180. dog run for Katy.
  181. Labrador Show puppy needs a name!
  182. Tulsa Firefighters Save Dog's Life Following House Fire
  183. Interesting survey about spay/neuter of pets
  184. This made me laugh!
  185. Darkhairedwhitewomen of Westminstr
  186. opinion needed
  187. Poop Patrol Anyone?
  188. New sanctuary for senior dogs
  189. Request for Bentleys
  190. Cesar's Dog Daddy
  191. Opee The Motocross Dog
  192. Balloons
  193. Positive reinforcement
  194. Frosty Paws
  195. Thought I would share our snowy morning with you all
  196. cruelty case in California
  197. A Victory Against Puppy Mills!
  198. 3 Pit Mix Puppies found on side of road! N.C.
  199. Another Bentley request - Pearl
  200. My local shelter!