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  1. OMG your breath stinks!
  2. Dogtown marathon on NatGeo
  3. Toby and the Christmas Ring: A Dog Looks for a Home
  4. A Doggy Xmas Surprise!!!
  5. What's with the foot licking?
  6. Shoplifting Dog Caught on Tape!
  7. I am a mean mommy.
  8. Pretty sweet ACD video
  9. What does love mean to a 4-8 year old? A must read!!!
  10. Resorting to Stealing???
  11. Ticks - Ugh....
  12. Tarra the Elephant and Bella the Dog. Best Friends. lol
  13. Ranchers will probly want me neutered...
  14. HELP!!!! Immortal Fleas
  15. Grrrr!
  16. Something that really bugs me.
  17. homemade dog food?
  18. Anyone use Innova?
  19. Blue Tick Coon Hound
  20. What a lovely story & heart warming
  21. Does anyone 'talk' to their dog? (another dork alert)
  22. Was anyone looking for agility in OK?
  23. Dogster Dog Breed Photo Game
  24. Other dog breeds.
  25. A Christmas Leftover...and Funny as Hell!
  26. Plane crash in N.Y. Dog on board?
  27. Dog-ADS
  28. WEEK Menu ALL From Acd Cookbook
  29. Bruised ears???
  30. Bella & Tarra - Best friends for life from CBS news
  31. California residents: Petition against vet tax
  32. YUMMMMOO recipes from ACD cookbook
  33. Sperm harvest in AZ
  34. Gotcha Day #2
  35. Finding where they came from
  36. No charge for love (tissues required)
  37. Dalmation riding a bicycle
  38. Is this abuse?
  39. Happy 11th Barkday, Pep!
  40. Asheville, NC: Lucky needs a home - 11yo, (not so lucky)
  41. Funny Commercial
  42. To be a good dog....
  43. anyone ever been attacked/bitten by a dog?
  44. Canidae does it again!!!
  45. To Feed or Not to Feed a Raw Diet
  46. *UPDATE* on 2 dogs we found
  47. Bentleys Needed!!
  48. What would you do?
  49. Watch that Doggie Door!
  50. Another Cool "Poster"
  51. Who's a Good Boy?
  52. Questionable Training advice
  53. speaking of ACD vs Other breeds
  54. Help our fellow dog lovers in Victoria bushfires
  55. "New" Crate update
  56. Shoplifting Dog BUSTED!
  57. Stupid Owner ALert!!: Aunt sics pitbull on nephew at Super Bowl Party.
  58. Doggy Survival stories from the bushfires
  59. Judgment day
  60. Three Soldiers dogs are home safely!
  61. Colbert's Official Gotcha Day!
  62. Request for "Pit Bull" pictures
  63. Adventures in microchipping!
  64. I rescued a Human today
  65. Hes got Fur!!!!
  66. More "Why Dogs Bite People"
  67. Sad sign of the times...
  68. The Together Tag...Pet ID Service
  69. Best Friends - Beagle and BC
  70. Oh, man, 8 kids under 9 and two puppies?!
  71. Dear Dogs and Cats:
  72. Dog Years
  73. My pinscher has done a tv-commercial!
  74. World's Dumbest Dog?
  75. Our newest foster
  76. Puppy mills
  77. McDuffie County, GA: Dead dogs found
  78. Martha stewarts dog dies in explosion
  79. Happy birthday molly!!
  80. Dog steps!
  81. Failblog.org
  82. Some puppy pics - Kelpies
  83. Sunday is the big day
  84. Update on Diabetes posted
  85. Shy dogs - When to draw the line?
  86. A different way of peeing
  87. Anyone feeding Marksman Green Bag dog food
  88. Amazing coloring...
  89. Extreme Sheep LED Art
  90. Another scam - adopting dogs
  91. Tv commercial with my dog
  92. An afternoon in the yard...
  93. Dermapaw
  94. Double Trouble
  95. Need advice about peeing issue
  96. New "Dogtown" episode
  97. Politics of animal legislation
  98. UGH! That time of year again... (foxtails, corkscrews)
  99. Backyard potty training *help needed*
  100. Advantage Multi vs Frontline Plus
  101. Dog plays Simon Says
  102. Need Healing Wishes/Bentleys
  103. "Make Huge Profits BREEDING DOGS!" Unbelievable!!
  104. YouTube Mawshots!
  105. Show on puppy mills this friday
  106. petition to stop the use of gas chambers in Michigan
  107. wild kingdom on animal planet
  108. Ben Steinís Advice on Getting Through the Recession ó Get a Dog
  109. States that have BSL
  110. Does anyone have any leads on pit bull rescues?
  111. Happy Gotcha Day Max!!
  112. Easter egg hunt doggy style
  113. Holy Hail, Batman!
  114. "Free Vet Care a Blessing"
  115. Biden's Breeder Hell
  116. Happy Birthday Rocky
  117. Need Advice: Thinkin' about getting the Poop Trap for my crew
  118. Happy easter!
  119. Going Green with Your Pets
  120. Animal Hospice in B.C.: Video
  121. Orange County Family Pet Expo This Weekend
  122. No Rescue Dog for Obama!
  123. "Doodle" Dogs
  124. Dogtown - dogs from Ethiopia - play question
  125. Beneful Dog
  126. What dog food would you eat?
  127. Planning Our First Trip
  128. Request for Border Collie Pose
  129. Designer makes $4.2M tiara for dog.
  130. Fun Photo
  131. Gin the Dog (Britain's Got Talent) - Video
  132. Sweet adoption story - not mine tho...
  133. Bordatella
  134. Behaviour Q
  135. All dogs go to heaven...
  136. 3 yr old Male pit bull needs new home
  137. Snuggle Puppy - video/music
  138. Man's best friend
  139. OH NO! What thah....aww crap...
  140. Puppies Behind Bars on tomorrow's Oprah show
  141. Petfinder complaint?
  142. Kooper's World - this is great
  143. Cool story!
  144. Veterinarians OPPOSING puppy mill legislation?!?
  145. Austin TX puppies under 5month old can get neutered / spay for $5
  146. What kind of puppy is Rosie?
  147. New homes for Mexican street dogs in Marin County, CA.
  148. Lilly the Snake Girl
  149. Frontline Plus at Costco
  150. My first anal gland job...
  151. Extreme Herding or Scots with too much time on their hands
  152. I need your help...
  153. how confusing?
  154. Herding Art?
  155. Another puppy mill raided
  156. Fallen Soldier's Pooch gets ticket to the U.S.
  157. Help Needed for the Missouri 75
  158. 15% off at PetSmart June 4-7
  159. Little White Worms.....any worm experts out there?
  160. Found an old senior dog last night. but then he went missing
  161. Another dog-fighting operation busted
  162. Dog park stories
  163. Podengo?
  164. Limping for no apparent reason??
  165. Bow Wow Pow Wow 2009 (Ramona Kiwani's Club Fundraiser) - LOTS OF PHOTOS!
  166. Ca residents alert
  167. "Accidental" Litter?
  168. Kind of goes w/ "Accidental Litter"
  169. Ruphus, with Pictures!
  170. At the Vet's
  171. Another rant about off-leash dog areas and the idiots that show up there.
  172. Strangest thing I have seen all week...
  173. PETA miffed that Obama swatted a fly
  174. Cruelty case - please sign form for Pasado's Safe Haven
  175. Petcetera declares bankruptcy
  176. WTF?
  177. Poor puppy....
  178. Dentley's Assorted Bulk Rawhide 50% off at Petsmart
  179. Dog sitting...
  180. Want yer dog back? Here's the deal...
  181. Wag'n Trail Hike!!!
  182. Shelter closing near Houston
  183. Dog mayhem today!
  184. Dog bites...um....
  185. buy 6 get one free Frontline plus Coupon
  186. Huge Puppy Mill Bust in TX
  187. Wish me luck...TX Puppy Mill Update
  188. Thunderstorms/fireworks - the sheer terror of it all!!
  189. Doggie kisses!
  190. Too Funny not to share
  191. A visit from Crush's Sister :)
  192. Oy Gevalt! New Foster(s)
  193. 5-legged pup rescued from Coney Island freak show
  194. found this while surfing.....
  195. Veterinary Health Insurance
  196. dogs help kids learn to read
  197. You know you are to "into" dogs when...
  198. Adoption event Saturday..AND...
  199. Pocket watch
  200. Dog thrown off 6-story apartment bldg.