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  1. WA: Pierce, King, Snohomish counties putting rescue out of business
  2. Parvo outbreak in Wisconsin
  3. Home Visit Needed In Boulder, CO.
  4. Louisiana SPCA working to help pet owners struggling during Gulf Oil Spill crisis
  5. "If Not For You" (Kleenex alert)
  6. Home Visit Needed In Portales, New Mexico
  7. Time for the Jack Russell Outstanding Rescuer of the Year Award !
  8. WANTED: photos of Rescue ACDs working cattle
  9. Dog tags for rescues
  10. Draw the Dog - a new way to thank our Dog Rescue friends!
  11. Dilemma
  12. Word choice in Urgent posts
  13. Petfinder & eBay
  14. anyone out there want to foster this??? Oregon or washington
  15. Need some advice from folks I trust ;)- puppy mill education
  16. Rant: Some people never learn...
  17. It never ceases to amaze me...
  18. Financial Help Needed For Herbie
  19. What would you do?
  20. Okeechobee, FL - Home visit needed for TVCDR
  21. WI ACD rescue -"FOXY" - Fond du Lac, WI
  22. Charleston, RI - Home visit needed for TVCDR
  23. My Catahoula is being adopted
  24. Courtesy post: 1 day foster needed this weekend - Lake CIty, FL
  25. Bentleys for Linda Watkins and her foster dog
  26. Whimsacal ACD Christmas Holiday T-Shirt and Sweatshirt
  27. Sanctuary One
  28. Very Powerful PSA
  29. If I ever win the lottery
  30. What to put on ID tags
  31. Pepsi Challenge
  32. Floyd County (Rome), GA - Pull procedures
  33. For anyone thinking of filing for 501c3 status...
  34. Dogs in San Bernardino, CA suffering from severe frostbite
  35. All I want for Christmas...
  36. I am so in love
  37. Izze & the new rescue... how to do this :)
  38. Funny but Not Funny? (Shelter Humor - YouTube)
  39. billy jean, the new rescue... PICTURES!!!
  40. Cute holiday video by Best Friends
  41. Home Visit needed in Gloucester, MA for FOMAS
  42. Eval needed - Montross, VA
  43. Effective Action Alerts for Pets
  44. BONES Pet Rescue in Covelo CA
  45. Eval needed in Montross, VA for TVCDR
  46. evaluation request?
  47. FreekibbleKIDS - Kids and Kibble for a Cause!
  48. Eval needed - Pulaski, VA
  49. I don't understand
  50. The Prayer of St. Francis
  51. Those darn rescues with all of their rules and questions...
  52. Aussie mix rescue - KY / IN / OH
  53. Glendale, CA - Best Friends "Promenade D'Amour and Adoption Soiree"
  54. I have a new foster
  55. Looking for help in Crumpler, NC
  56. A Dog Named Sam
  57. "I Rescued a Human Today"
  58. Before you go to Heaven
  59. Herd It Through the Grapevine Rescue - California
  60. Hayward, CA area housing needed for hero dog & owner
  61. Florida man denied adoptable dog because of his age
  62. New foster situation with questions
  63. Arizona Hoarding Case Video
  64. Question about bookkeeping for rescues
  65. ATTN: RESCUES - Draw the Dog opportunity
  66. Home Check vallejo CA
  67. Courtesy listing: Bend, Oregon - 16yo mini-golden needs 3-month temp foster
  68. Rescue your buddy video
  69. Bait & switch at shelter?
  70. Dog Abuse Laws - to help change laws
  71. Disaster Relief help for southern states from NASCAR's Ryan Newman
  72. Posting Angels needed
  73. I'm going to Tennessee to help storm victims!
  74. Eval needed - Rutherfordton, NC
  75. Rescues servicing Iowa?
  76. Fund Raising Advice?
  77. so... TCDR contacted me about fostering...
  78. I was just told that Peggy Jennings passed away...
  79. New Mexico wildfires - animals need help
  80. New CT Rescue/Import laws takes effect Oct 1, 2011
  81. Strut Your Mutt (Best Friends walk for rescue) goes nationwide Sept. 18-25
  82. Effectively Spreading The Word?
  83. Kern County Shelter - just a warning
  84. Just can't help myself
  85. Spay/Neuter - Pros & Cons
  86. Home Visit Help Needed - South Fork, PA
  87. Facebook & the Death of Networking - IMPORTANT
  88. Help for Heelers- found new group!
  89. anyone familiar with this site? Pet Pardons? see link
  90. Warning! Do not adopt
  91. The new age of rescue
  92. Acdra
  93. Examiner.com: A Bus Full of Love
  94. New CT Importation Laws - Effective Oct. 1, 2011
  95. Make your shelter and rescue listings appealing!
  96. Sorry, whine
  97. Are you one of those people?
  98. Need a rescue contact in Ft. Worth, TX
  99. You know you're doing too much rescue....
  100. Fedwell Farms Rescue - AZ
  101. Senior ACD rescue idea...
  102. DogTime launches Save-a-Dog Facebook app
  103. Home visit needed - Lancaster, OH 43130
  104. FixIt Foundation - Join the solution
  105. Several month foster needed for neutered 1yo male - New York
  106. Fostering with a retired husband
  107. 4 paws up thank you!!!!
  108. I Am An Animal Rescuer (video)
  109. I am an Animal Rescuer video by the Sadie Mae Foundation. Tissue Alert!
  110. Need ♥ Lotto Love♥ volunteer to draw winner
  111. Dog-Themed T-shirts - Percentage of purchase goes to rescue
  112. Beading Diva's Fundraiser For New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue
  113. Confessions: Animal Hoarding
  114. How did you get started?
  115. My next dog - BUDDY IS HERE!
  116. What is Time?
  117. Home Visit Needed - Lewisberry, PA 17339
  118. Ryan Newman Foundation Launches Social Network for Pets
  119. Fostered, Adopted and Readopted
  120. ABC Rescue - Minden NV
  121. Ruby update
  122. Petfinder Classifieds
  123. Camera available to rescue/shelter
  124. Deep breath.... "It's for the dogs." "It's for the dogs."
  125. Need eval - Stuart, VA
  126. Eval needed - Harnett County, NC - URGENT
  127. Metacam tablets available
  128. Home Check needed - Sparks Nevada
  129. Home Check needed - Glendale, CA
  130. What the HECK? Adoption returns:
  131. Home check needed... Wilmington & Charlotte, NC
  132. Aaaahhhhgggghhhhhh!!!
  133. Purpose
  134. That's it - I've had it (Rant)
  135. Why are there so many all of a sudden?
  136. home visits
  137. AWDRI's achievements in 2012
  138. Rescuer Needs Help!
  139. Red Rover Relief Grants
  140. ACD E-Mail List Messages Being Delayed
  141. Identifying ACD mixes
  142. Article: Who Killed These Dogs?
  143. Article: Who Killed These Dogs?
  144. Article: Who Killed These Dogs?
  145. Pelican, Alaska home visit needed
  146. Austin, TX Shelter Full! Adoption/Pull Fees Waived This Weekend
  147. Palm Valley, CA - Many Dogs in Camp Situation
  148. When rescues are turning a profit
  149. Oklahoma Tornado Animals Need Help
  150. Available foster home in Nebraska
  151. ACDRI Embezzlement Statement
  152. One Country's Plan to Save Unwanted Dogs is Pure Genius
  153. Winning the Lottery
  154. Article: What not to say or do when trying to save a dog's lfie
  155. "Muttbombing" helps shelter dogs
  156. "Shelter Me: Second Chances: Video poem
  157. The rescue world outside the "Facebook bubble"
  158. FYI: Amazon Smile to supprt rescues
  159. Petfinder: Tax Deductions for Foster Animals
  160. Just One Dog (video)
  161. Rescue Explained...
  162. "I Rescued a Human Today"
  163. One Heeler at a Time Rescue
  164. 1 million miles, 55,000 dogs
  165. Dont know what to do, need some advise ASAP!
  166. New Blue Heeler female into Companion Pet Rescue--need advice