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  1. Linens for rescue available for shipping cost only!
  2. Grant opportunity for Humane Society members
  3. Augh!
  4. Home Visit in South Deerfield, MA
  5. THANK YOU to my posting helpers
  6. Need home visit in New Westminster, B.C.
  7. ACD_Rescue list
  8. ACD hit by car-- owner asking for help
  9. Rescuer Spouse's Boot Camp
  10. Blue&Foxy in El Paso/Buster in Portland
  11. July 2008 R&R Newsletter
  12. Home visit needed - San Rafael, CA
  13. Corvallis, OR -- Amigo needs a place to convalesce
  14. EBAY Auction...All proceeds go to RESCUE
  15. How to "temperament test" a shelter dog?
  16. Home visit needed - Fallon, NV
  17. BC Rescues in TX?
  18. Not sure where to put this one for max exposure?
  19. New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue will be at PetCo in N. Scottsdale, AZ
  20. Jack Russell Memorial Outstanding Rescuer of the Year Award
  21. The Rescue Waggin
  22. New York Times article on Foreclosure Pets
  23. Need someone in San Francisco Bay area tonite
  24. Home visit needed - Santa Ana, CA - FOUND A VOLUNTEER
  25. this poor dog needs help (not ACD) but i've followed her story
  26. How Did It Go So Wrong!
  27. Adopt Me Bandanas
  28. PetSmart Charities Rescue Wagon
  29. 501c3 Rescues - Earn donations
  30. Pic-A-Pet Stores - blue heelers
  31. New Hampshire Requires License for Transporters
  32. I have a nice foster girl
  33. Grants available to 501c3's through Pedigree
  34. The No Kill Nation
  35. UPD: Pictures of Girlfriend from Visalia in her forever home
  36. Home visit needed: Haltom City, TX
  37. Ranger and Maverick Happy Tails
  38. Sometimes I wanna scream!
  39. Taking a time out
  40. Somewhat angry right now.........
  41. Re: Adopt Me Bandanas
  42. Our New Website!
  43. Home visit needed - Pittsburgh, PA
  44. Accepting Nominations for Jack Russell Memorial Award
  45. Foster homes in Illinois
  46. Washington State. NEED HELP!!!
  47. Damn Mad
  48. Home visit needed - Gastonia, NC
  49. If you ever need home visit help in Western New York
  50. Home visit needed - Sequim, WA
  51. Rescue Mapping
  52. a rescue prayer
  53. UPDATE 1 heeler pup found...and 2 ACDs are involved
  54. It's Official! R&R is a 501(c)(3)!
  55. Woman needing help.
  56. Rescue Rant
  57. I'm soooo excited
  58. R&R Labor [of Love] Day Party
  59. $5/Night Boarding for Rescue - Verona, VA
  60. I hate fostering
  61. R&R's September Newsletter
  62. Another rescue rant...
  63. anyway to move a special needs kitten? OR - MT
  64. Blind rescue dogs website
  65. another poem (on craigs list) petshop puppy
  66. Purina Rally to Rescue Photo
  67. Home Visit Needed -- North Brunswick, NJ
  68. Spay/Neuter Age for Puppies in Rescue
  70. Rottweiler abandoned inside home
  71. book mark this!
  72. My turn to rant
  73. Blog: "Why Can't We Be Friends?"
  74. IMOM Pet Photo Contest
  75. Things are looking up
  76. Fundraising for AuCaDo MI-IL-OH
  77. My August/Sept "newsletter"
  78. Low cost spay/neuter in NC
  79. Looking for Kansas & New Mexico contacts
  80. Any GSD rescue contacts in OH area??
  81. Purina - free food offer for rescues/fosters
  82. Heads-up on anti-rescue efforts...
  83. Don't you wonder about their intelligence?
  84. I guess its my turn to rant
  85. Be an EARS Volunteer!
  86. Know any Kelpie rescue contacts?
  87. Home visit needed - Coventry, RI
  88. Cheyenne River Rez Dogs SD
  89. 2nd Annual New Hope Cattle Dog Round Up
  90. Owner Surrender Fees?
  91. Any rescue/rescue folks near Scarboro, NY?
  92. Home visit needed for Smurf - Oxford, OH
  93. Stray dogs- grrrrrrrrrr - What to do with stray Pit puppy
  94. October R&R Newsletter
  95. STOP THE GASSING at Carrollton, OH pound
  96. HELP:::: needed for Oregon dogs
  97. A Craigslist posting I agree with!
  98. Is anyone in LA? need preg bull terrier pulled -to NY!
  99. Using tags for rescue postings
  100. Non ACD Related
  101. $75 million offer for non-surgical sterilization
  102. Fundraising ACDs
  103. How long is too long?
  104. photos needed
  105. Courtesy listing: HV needed Mexico, MO
  106. Some days are just heartbreakers -- or...
  107. Lab rescue in Salem, OR
  108. Home visits needed - Venice, FL & Colorado Springs, CO
  109. Merced Animal Control Statistics
  110. Need help - Gilmanton NH
  111. November R&R Newsletter
  112. Red Flags reminder
  113. Rescue Mailing List
  114. Is anyone near kalamazoo? (warning: graphic pics)
  115. We are finally getting organized in Texas!!
  116. Failed foster
  117. Need to vent!
  118. Adopt Me Vests
  119. I think my friend is a hoarder, what to do?
  120. Giving Thanks
  121. Home Visit in Boulder, Co. and Transport Help from Phoenix to Boulder
  122. Last of Wisconsin Puppy Haven mill dogs transported
  123. Microchip scanners?
  124. Anyone interested in linking to our site?
  125. Anyone know of this rescue??
  126. Resolution for New Year - Foster Homes
  127. Riverside County, CA: Low Cost Spay Neuter Vouchers
  128. "What's the matter with Texas?"
  129. Home visit needed - Beaverdam, VA
  130. Lane County laughs for lassie
  131. Moses Lake, WA shelter stats
  132. K9 Rescue Barbie
  133. Petition to stop gassing at Carroll County, OH pound
  134. Forgotten Dog's Xmas
  135. Cattledog Dreams?
  136. What A Day!
  137. This was on Craigslist - those in rescue should appreciate it!
  138. Training deaf dogs
  139. Worst foster ever (Jake update)
  140. Our Northeast members
  141. Home visit needed - South Hadley, MA
  142. Another reason I do not put dogs in shelters
  143. Know any cat rescues...
  144. Home Visit Needed In Lodi, CA.
  145. coincidence?
  146. HSUS Grants for rescues for foreclosure pets
  147. Australian Pet Industry exposed by top Journalist
  148. Animal Shelter Stats for NC 2007
  149. Courtesy request for HV: Pine Knot, KY
  150. January R&R Newsletter
  151. Assessing a Dog in the Shelter
  152. HELP, home check needed in Mass, ANYONE NEAR WENDELL??
  153. It makes me wonder.
  154. Pilots n Paws on NBC News
  155. BARK Magazine - Happenings Calendar
  156. North Carolina - Call to Action
  157. Katy and her foster siblings
  158. ACD Rescue in Oklahoma??
  159. DNA-Fresno, CA man looking for bait dogs
  160. Illinois Foster Homes
  161. Recuperation foster home needed for Bandit - AZ ACD
  162. Home visit needed - Salt Lake City, UT
  163. 8 State Hurricane Kate on the Radio on Saturday (Listen Online)
  164. Just a little good news
  165. Home visit needed Evanston, IL for TVCDR
  166. Fabulous dog site promoting rescue - ACD sighting too :D
  167. Courtesy Home Visit needed: Bourbonnais, IL
  168. Perfect Polly - Petfinder listing
  169. Class B Dealers by state
  170. Article on BARC shelter in Houston
  171. R&R February 2009 Newsletter
  172. No Paws Left Behind - Foreclosure pets info
  173. Poem: The Family Dog
  174. Home Check Needed Unalakleet, Alaska - burrr
  175. Posting angels needed
  176. Pilots and Paws in SC
  177. Update on 3 legged texas pup - adopted!
  178. Cute spay/neuter video
  179. Adopted heeler mix treks 10 miles back to shelter
  180. Poem: Why Rescue a Dog?
  181. Lupine collars and leads--discounted for rescues!
  182. The "Kentucky 7"
  183. Blue with stubby tail - need help remembering
  184. Courtesy Home Visit needed - Charleston, SC
  185. Courtesy Home Visit needed: Richmond Heights, MO
  186. Craigs list rescue funny
  187. Merced shelter to get new building...current dogs cant go!
  188. New website for Ill cattle dog rescue
  189. St. Paddy's Day T-shirt Fundraiser
  190. Homecheck needed in Monroe, VA
  191. Home visit needed in Allen, TX (DFW area)
  192. Home visit tool
  193. Home visit needed - Rockwood, ME
  194. Health questions for rehoming
  195. 2009 Noah's Wish Disaster Response Training
  196. Helping Families Keep Their Pets in These Trying Times
  197. Free DVD - enriching the lives of shelter dogs while waiting for a home
  198. Dog Tags for Fosters
  199. March Madness Special: $5 to ACD Rescue for each "8 State Kate" Book Purchased
  200. Samoyed Rescue contacts??