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  1. Rescue Related Encouragements, Musings, Poems, Websites, Resources, etc.
  2. The Face of Rescue
  3. A Happy Rescue/Foster Story
  4. A Precious Moment
  5. Charlie
  6. The Perfect Storm - Complete with Thunder
  7. Updates on Josie & Jake - Washington rescues
  8. Kris Brookshire works a rescue miracle!
  9. "Heeler mix" in local news as Firedog
  10. AuCaDo Rescue Funds (ARF) - See who you've helped!
  11. Where your subscriptions and donations have gone
  12. Rescue People Who Inspire Me
  13. From Central Wisconsin Wolfdog Rescue Network homepage...
  14. The Mosby Foundation
  15. Graciously shared by ACDRA's newest temp. foster mom, Christine
  16. Emporia, KS - Blue heeler helped after accident
  17. Christmas in the shelter
  18. What a Year! A Final "See Who You've Helped in 2008"
  19. The Serenity Prayer
  20. How Could You? (Kleenex Alert)
  21. Poem: Once I was a lonely dog
  22. Rescuing Animals is like.........
  23. Lil Bit's Visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
  24. St. Theresa's Prayer
  25. Rescuer's Answering Machine
  26. Made me Smile/Teary.
  27. What Rescue IS and What it ISN'T
  28. I am an Animal Rescuer
  29. The Value of Advertising - Buster's Story
  30. Please have a heart ( tissue alert)
  31. Pender County Shelter (NC) - Could use some help
  32. Levi's story of our meeting
  33. Honor Me
  34. Serendipity (aka Rebel finally finds his new family)
  35. Why we rescue
  36. Days that make it all worthwhile (Attn: Joanne Lipsiea)
  37. Crystal and her guardian angel aka "The stories that make it all worthwhile"