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  1. Dog store sign angers Seattle residents (AP)
  2. Lonely animal lovers wanted
  3. Man says dog saved him from black bear (AP)
  4. Firefighters save dog from icy lake (AP)
  5. Funny Dog Cartoons and Stories
  6. Lost Lab brothers meet at dog daycare (AP)
  7. Dog performs 'Heimlich' on choking owner (AP)
  8. Humane Society holds dog yoga class (AP)
  9. Grieving couple commits suicide after dog dies (Reuters)
  10. Poodles in sheeps disguise
  11. This Is GREAT!
  12. Belgian rejects job seeker due to "racist dog" (Reuters)
  13. Missing dog found 430 miles from home (AP)
  14. Randy sniffer dogs sacked
  15. Dog helps save foal from abandoned well (AP)
  16. Not everyone happy lost dog is back (AP)
  17. Utah Inventor of the Frisbee Article
  18. Black lab drives owner's car into river (AP)
  19. Vote protest puts woman in doghouse (AP)
  20. N.J. dog crowned world's ugliest (AP)
  21. CSI chases delinquent dog DNA (AP)
  22. Dog believed to have drowned found alive (AP)
  23. Pets on the lam after holiday fireworks (AP)
  24. Dog nurses kitten found under SUV hood (AP)
  25. Love heart puppy
  26. Workers free dog trapped in sewer pipe (AP)
  27. Tiny dog saves baby from rattlesnake (AP)
  28. Lost dog finally found 4000km from home
  29. Donkey-sized dogs fetch $594K
  30. Aug 5, Australian Cattle Dog Pure Breed Dog Information
  31. Horrors where I live:Shreveport,LA-Pls sign petition!
  32. Rescued doberman saves child from snake
  33. check out this blog
  34. Farewell Go Bronco
  35. Hidden victims: Pets left behind in foreclosures
  36. Missing Family Dog Returns Three Weeks After Tornadoes - ACD Mix
  37. Brock Jeckyl And Hyde
  38. Woman drowns saving heeler :(
  39. E'town Police Aid In Search For Missing Service Dog
  40. Authorities seek to euthanize 3 dogs in Tulsa sex-tape case
  41. Houston TX Heeler mix pups abandoned in Park
  42. SC, Pickens couple loses dog in second burglary at their home in three weeks
  43. Dog stabbing baffles owner and police
  44. ACD Therapy Dog
  45. Missing dog was shot while at large. Billings Gazette.com
  46. Utah canines are howling, vying for spot in the White House with Obama
  47. New Book: 8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog
  48. Hurricane Dolly picture of "victim"
  49. 'Bone man' is a dog's best friend
  50. Boy's best buddy
  51. Dog is taken from shelter, killed in act of cruelty
  52. Man Saves Blind Woman’s Guide Dog
  53. Dogged Hobo turns 'ruff' luck
  54. Article: Foreclosure pets - Tucson, AZ
  55. Article: Farm Dog Heroes! Dingo, Life-Saving Dog
  56. Doggone good news for once!
  57. Pioneering implant to get dog back on all fours
  58. More pets going to work (an ACD mentioned)
  59. Family Car Stolen With Dogs Inside
  60. Dog bites boy (ACD)
  61. kennel owners kill 80 dogs
  62. Rescuing dogs is a taxing proposition
  63. Governor Rendell Calls on House of Representatives to Pass Dog Law Reforms
  64. Dog shelters baby in Argentina
  65. Sam, ACD, turns 21 years old
  66. Cesar Millan w/ ACD in Portland
  67. Seattle ACD poisoned!
  68. Leave my dogs alone
  69. Pets Not Left Behind This Time
  70. Pet owner's crusade brings dog park closer to reality
  71. Madison (Conneticut) Fire Dept. gets pet rescue devices
  72. attack by a red heeler dog viewed as suspicious
  73. Loyal Family Friends
  74. Operation Bring Charlie Home - Successful!
  75. Vicious pit bull funny, friendly on Web site
  76. Officer To Be Suspended Without Pay After Dog Dies In Car
  77. Dog mistakenly euthanized: Family wants compensation
  78. Once was lost, but now he's found: Long-gone dog comes home
  79. Cattle dog found hanging from tree
  80. John Grogan writes a memoir of life before 'Marley'
  81. News story about an awesome dog
  82. LOST Portland Oregon airport "BEAR" - purebred ACD - FINALLY FOUND!!!!
  83. Dog Park Problem
  84. Pug Saves Owner's Life in Fire
  85. 8 State Hurricane Kate Nominated for Dog Writers Association of America Awards!
  86. ACD saves 3yo boy from snake
  87. Lost dog found after 3 years
  88. What your dog says about you...
  89. Dog saved by fishermen
  90. Dog attack victim awarded $60k AUS$
  91. Family loses home to fire Sat. *loses Heeler pup*
  92. An Erath County woman, devastated over the loss of her dogs
  93. Heeler puppy shot, not tortured
  94. 2 officers charged with faking dog's death for insurance
  95. ISU suspends the use of dogs
  96. Kay County, OK - 96 pits seized
  97. Obese dog survives frozen night
  98. 'Hero Dog' Pulls Friend to Safety
  99. Studies show dogs have sense of fairness
  100. Talking dogs - you tube
  101. The BARK Magazine Cover Dogs
  102. Australian Cattle Dogs and 8 State Kate Book Featured on The Dog Show on January 1st
  103. Weird news story
  104. Caring female vet is a con man
  105. Lab Remains Most Popular Pooch in US
  106. 500 rescued puppy mill dogs pregnant - WA state
  107. 300 plus more animals near Dallas
  108. Trio of dogs follow in Skidboot's paw steps
  109. No-interest loans available for emergency vet care
  110. Aid for humane society
  111. Firefighters Rescue Dog From Ice Covered Pond
  112. Couple clones dog for $155,000
  113. Dog treat recall continues
  114. Non-Profit company keeps pets alive
  115. Soldiers' pups saved from Afghanistan
  116. Calf poisoning results in dog’s death
  117. a letter to the editor from Eureka,CA
  118. Jack's back, but down south
  119. Passer-by kills dog as it attacks Iowa woman, 77
  120. Camden (ARKANSAS) is Going to the Dogs for February Show
  121. Man charged in pet killings
  122. Battersea Animal Shelter in London - Matchmaking pets & owners (video)
  123. Oregon man sentenced for burying dog alive
  124. Man arrested in fracas at White Rock Dog Park speaks out
  125. Private investigator specializes in furry friends
  126. Dog scratches students on school bus
  127. Mayor Not Sorry He Shot and Killed Neighbor's Dogs
  128. Neighbors pulled a 65-year-old man from a pond
  129. From 'It' dog to 'What is it?' dog:
  130. Woman Has Dog Attack Child During Super Bowl Party
  131. Heartbreak at baby killed by dogs
  132. Supervalu Recalls Dog Biscuits
  133. Dog-fight victim seeking family
  134. Texas police seize 22 dogs in car
  135. Man charged with animal cruelty after driving nails through dog fence
  136. New pick-up line for singles!!!
  137. Here's the Link to Chase's and My Live TV Debut!
  138. Animal cruelty laws among fastest-growing
  139. The — X L Cattle Drive
  140. Deputies Arrest Man Found Living In Van With Girl, Dogs, ....
  141. Long Beach checks for unlicensed dogs
  142. Dogs Have Their Day... In Court (St Francis, WI)
  143. Dallas teacher accused of throwing dog off bridge
  144. Thurmont man surrenders 75 dogs to Frederick shelter (MD/VA)
  145. Dog lost for 9 years, reunited with family
  146. ARTICLE: ACD stood guard over Boulder man's body
  147. The World's Ten Smartest Dogs (ACD #10)
  148. Trucks bringing 200 confiscated dogs to Portland
  149. A Boise Police officer shot and killed a dog
  150. THREE-month-old baby was ripped from her mother's arms in a vicious dog attack
  151. Three-Legged Dog Gets New Limb, Lease on Life
  152. Police seek information in torture death of dog
  153. Lodi Officer Saves Dragged Dog
  154. Peanut-Sniffing Dog Could Be A Life Saver For Boy
  155. ACD survives 5 months shipwrecked on island
  156. Missouri fights reputation as "puppy mill"
  157. War Hero helps nab suspects who killed his dog
  158. New "dog friendly" Honda Element
  159. Owner Seeks Ban on Drying Cages After Dog Dies at Grooming Parlor
  160. City Councilmen rethinking the $1,000 dog fines
  161. Dog cruelty suspect had heroin
  162. 'Dog' says he doesn't want to forget racial slur
  163. Dog owner donates free dog park memberships to the humane society
  164. out of San Angelo, TX
  165. Kalgoorlie police officer bitten by dog
  166. Porterhouse named Iowa's most beautiful Bulldog.
  167. Investigation ongoing into recent dog death
  168. Glow in the dark puppy.
  169. Pit Bull Pack Shot to Death - North County Times (San Diego County)
  170. San Diego County animal control officers are calling a witness a hero
  171. "Dealing Dogs" - HBO Documentary
  172. Mason, Michigan - 70 Australian Shepherds seized
  173. The Dog Rescuer - Puerto Rico
  174. Dog or Seal? (video)
  175. Zeke the Basketball Dog (video)
  176. Soooooo.... Your Cattle Dog rolled in the manure...
  177. Man Charged With Beating Dog Who Ate His Lunch
  178. Group rescues cattle dogs from euthanasia
  179. Kasey's the only driver's dog that will do
  180. Dog halts mail.
  181. Cattle in the roundabout — no problem
  182. Jury deliberating fate of Milpitas man accused of killing dog with hammer
  183. Animal control officer loses part of a thumb in Bell Gardens dog attack
  184. May 17–23, 2009 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week.
  185. Police dog's killer gets a life term: Conviction was man's third strike
  186. 5 great cities for traveling with dogs
  187. Cash splash for pampered pets
  188. Dog Taped To Fridge Gets New Name, Family
  189. 15,000 attend RSPCA's Million Paws Walk in Perth
  190. Blind man’s ruff – SPCA investigates
  191. Arlington man sentenced for beating dog
  192. Man saves dog by sucking snake venom from his nose.
  193. San Diego to blast seals from beach with dog noise
  194. Teaching Your Dog Behavior Techniques Is 'Worthless'
  195. Attention ACDCA Members
  196. Pets for vets
  197. Dogs Trained to Detect Hidden Cell Phones in Arizona Prisons
  198. Queen of England to stop Breeding Corgis.
  199. Police dog, alone in SUV, dies - probe launched
  200. 3 Dogster Dogs poisoned by antifreeze