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  1. FDA Approves Cancer Drug for Dogs
  2. Ontario will not hear appeal of pit bull ban
  3. Dog doesn't just say no and gets 'stoned' at park
  4. German Fox has Shoe Fetish.
  5. 4 year old accidently flushes puppy.
  6. Top 10 San Diego Dog-Friendly Offices - Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 26)
  7. 9/11 Hero Mutt Cloned
  8. Seven show dogs die after handler leaves them in van in Jefferson County
  9. Hear Jenny Pavlovic Talk About 8 State Hurricane Kate on WILL Radio
  10. Massachusetts Bill to Ban Debarking Procedure
  11. Dog, Owner Reunited After 2 Months
  12. Staffy/BC Puppy has ears and tail hacked off - man arrested
  13. Dog drags newborn from home.
  14. Taco Bell Chihuahua -- RIP
  15. Croydons Puppy Parlour Day
  16. Broadway star in Aspen to support four-legged friends
  17. Lost Brisbane dog found in Melbourne nine years later
  18. Dog tasered by Lakewood cops remains at animal shelter
  19. Mexican Hairless dogs in the UK cant find home.
  20. The Odd Couple
  21. Your family dog may be smarter than your toddler
  22. Another puppy-mill bust near Dallas
  23. ACD saves boy before perishing in fire (article)
  24. Of course it was a cattle dog...
  25. Puppy farm bust - Tallahassee, Florida
  26. Iron guts - ACD swallows 1000 magnets, computer mouse and gloves
  27. ACD Given Parking Ticket
  28. Jakes big tugs
  29. Anyone heard of the Wagon Wheel Ranch in New Lexington, Ohio? (Puppy Mill)
  30. In Tough Times, Pets Come Before People
  31. Dogs Set Fire to Mobile Home
  32. Jay Leno: Vick "mistreated" dogs
  33. Pug's death in hot car leads to five-year ban on owning dogs
  34. Federal District Judge: Dogs Can Be Considered Livestock
  35. Chris Rock Loses Role as Richard Pryor over Dog fighting Comments Made on Leno Show
  36. Nubs!!!
  37. Petition to appoint an Animal Protection Liaison @ White House
  38. Women Hailed as Heroes After Rottweiler Attack
  39. Microchipping reminder...
  40. Puppy Mill bill passed in Wisconsin!!
  41. ACD/Kelpie attacked by Croc
  42. Jefferson County, Idaho: Sheriff allows dog to lay outside 3 days w/ broken leg
  43. Who says we don't....
  44. 100 starving sled dogs seized in Colorado
  45. Kennel returns dogs to wrong owners
  46. (UPDATE)Man Charged With Dragging Stolen Dog to Death at Colorado National Monument
  47. Dog Rescued after being stranded in LA River
  48. Woman, Dog bite girl
  49. Dog Drifts 75 miles on ice - rescued in Baltic Sea
  50. West Hollywood votes on pet shop ban
  51. ACD Pup revived with CPR after python attack
  52. 4-year-old stepdaughter of 'Ax Men' star killed by Rottweiler in Astoria
  53. The Crufts judges are on alert for dogs in make-up.
  54. Queens Woman Charged With Beating Dog With Snow Shovel
  55. Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William, had to search through dog's poo
  56. UK: All dogs to be insured in proposals on dangerous breeds
  57. Family dog a hero (ACD)
  58. Deaf dog inspires high expectations (ACD)
  59. Golden retriever in the doghouse after eating £12,000 diamond
  60. killer bees attacked a 5-year-old shepard-mix
  61. Woman faces charges for trying to burn dogs
  62. Toddler Recovering After Dog Attack
  63. HONOLULU-Stem-cell therapy gives dogs new life
  64. Spring brings busy days for Grand County Search and Rescue team in Utah
  65. Police Dog Helps Track Down Missing Boy
  66. (ACDx) Badly burned puppy left for dead
  67. Dog shot Monday night in Meridian, ID
  68. Inglewood police arrest woman in dog ransom demand
  69. Gucci, dog that survived torture and inspired tougher animal cruelty laws in Alabama,
  70. Man goes to jail for cooking ex-girlfriend's dog
  71. Easter event especially for the dogs? Eggs-actly
  72. Firehouse dog helps teach Okla fire safety
  73. Puppies thrown over 2m fence (Perth, AU)
  74. Man denies cruelty charge (Amarillo, TX)
  75. EPA to Increase Restrictions on Flea and Tick Products
  76. Brave boy is just right size for big job
  77. Sheriff: Man cruised roads 'shooting animals'
  78. Nova Scotia-Prohibiting cosmetic surgeries in animals
  79. Maryland Man Pleads Guilty in Dog-tossing Case
  80. San Francisco-Appeals court gives stray dogs an extra weekday
  81. Idaho man charged with beating dog to death
  82. Home sought for dog dragged a half-mile
  83. Authorities confiscate 64 dogs from two homes
  84. Marine charged with strangling dog
  85. Southern Oregon wolf sanctuary owners losing their home
  86. A furry childhood friend inspires SNL alum
  87. "Courage" the starved GSD ate dirt to survive
  88. Bossier Parish, LA Deputy saves baby, nanny, & family dog from burning house
  89. Wisconsin Legislation to End Animal Abuse
  90. Felon accused of running animal-sex farm in Whatcom County
  91. The "Not Without My Dog" Resource & Record Book--On the Radio
  92. Canyon Co., ID looking at fee increases
  93. Rabid Puppy Prompts Search in Bryan, TX, OK, and AR
  94. Deadly New Fungus Emerging in Oregon
  95. Facebook's use of pit bulls in "Mafia Wars"
  96. Hero dog brings help to burning home
  97. Shih Tzu survives 2 run-ins with train in Utah
  98. New Draw the Dog program supports rescue groups
  99. Animal P.I. story - started with Jack - ACDx
  100. ACD saves farmer from raging bull (video)
  101. Homeless man rescues dog dumped in 6-foot oil pit
  102. Animals rescued from herding dog rescue
  103. Duh!
  104. Postal Service investigating fatal Rottweiler attack
  105. Introducing Nellie our Rescue girl.
  106. ball crazed Tucker - does anyone else?
  107. Mom of 7 pups saved from burning home
  108. ACD spotted - WOOF
  109. ACD Spotlight Online Magazine - Rescue Issue
  110. Kelpie X evolves from scaredy-cat to surfing star
  111. ANOTHER fatal dog attack!
  112. Botched Euthanasia!
  113. Deaf dog visits deaf and hard-of-hearing students (or another amazing ACD Ambassador)
  114. Do tail 'twizzles' occur in docked tails very often?
  115. Guide dog helps owner and old guide dog
  116. Pet Tales 4/27/11: Shelter dog & grieving friend rescue each other (NEED KLEENEX!)
  117. Justice finally caught up to this guy. Now I wish he rots in jail and gets beaten up
  118. Has anyone else had something like this happen?
  119. ACD sighting, Hero Dog
  120. Dr. Jean Dodd's NEW vaccine protocol - PERMISSION TO CROSSPOST
  121. Barking Dog, USA (aka Ramona, CA)
  122. Dog stays by dead owner 2 weeks
  123. Barron
  124. Tax breaks for pet foster parents...make sure you claim yours
  125. Petco, Cut 2 dogs
  126. List of most aggressive dogs
  127. Dog trapped in trash for days, rescued
  128. Top 10 healthiest breeds
  129. ACD shot and killed by a cop, and it was a MISTAKE! He came to the wrong address!!!
  130. Kota Blu: Fundraiser for vet bill to repair Kota's face (shot by GA deputy)
  131. ARTICLE: Community, officials at odds over free-roaming dog (ACD)
  132. ARTICLE: NJ Officials urge motorists to strap in their pets while driving
  133. Interesting story about a cattle dog
  134. Dingo smuggling
  135. N.J. man kicked out of Wawa for bringing in service dog to get $12,500
  136. Devastating euthanasia law in Montreal
  137. Radioactive bowls found at Chicago pet store
  138. Science: Dogs Can Shake 70% of the Water from Their Fur in 4 Seconds, Here's How
  139. Stray dog becomes instant mom
  140. Couple gives up dream wedding to save their dog's life
  141. Rescue dogs sniff out endangered species
  142. West New York woman reunited with dog who lost eye in stabbing
  143. ACD stays by his mum's side as she is trapped in an outdoor toilet hole
  144. PENNSYLVANIA SB 155 Rabies Waiver Bill
  145. NYT: Safety Concerns Stoke Criticism of Kennel Club
  146. WSJ: Dog Treats Come Under FDA Scrutiny
  147. Dog’s Death After Westminster Leaves Handler Suspicious
  148. Australia: Man travels over 6000km in search of his kelpie
  149. Man gets shock of his life when he buys two toy poodles for $150..
  150. Bloomberg: DirecTV Adds DogTV Channel to Appeal to Canine Audience
  151. Four more dogs found dead in Idaho as dog disappearances, killings mount
  152. Disabled veteran asks for public support; service dog faces euthanasia for biting wom
  153. Dog Found With Broken Legs In Elgin Gets Surgery
  154. Pa. DVM pioneers stem cell treatment on neglect case
  155. Wolf Therapy for Addicts
  156. Owning a Dog Is Linked to Reduced Heart Risk
  157. Man takes his 15-year-old dog on one last amazing journey
  158. Pet Welcomes for Troops
  159. Canine Minister to an Alzheimer's Man
  160. Crash tests show 100% failure rate with harnesses
  161. Dogs can sniff out breast cancer
  162. Dogs who don't realize how big they are...
  163. Snoutless Hero Dog ‘Kabang’ Released From Davis Vet Hospital
  164. Spanish Town Mails Dog Poop Back to Offenders
  165. Tylertown puppy mill busted, official: "worst I've ever seen"
  166. Official: Police dog in Georgia found dead of heat stroke in patrol car
  167. Now-extinct wolf may be ancestor of modern-day dogs
  168. Cattle dog saves local farmer's life
  169. Hawthorne, CA police officers apparently shoot dog of curious onlooker
  170. Woman sold her clothes on eBay to save her dog - after pet insurers refused to pay up
  171. Carla Cheney: Walmart Fired Me For Reporting Dog Left In Hot Truck
  172. Rescued Pit Bull Has Gang Tattoo Across Belly
  173. British man to spend 35 days in a pound to raise awareness of stray animals
  174. Dallas police dogs in K-9 Unit to get bulletproof vests thanks to donation
  175. Rescued Handicapped Dog Climbs Stairs to Save Family From Fire
  176. Famous “underwater dog” photographer turns lens to helping animal shelters
  177. Detroit Has 50,000 Stray Dogs and Only 4 Dog Catchers
  178. 367 pit bulls seized in dog fighting bust
  179. Mysterious Virus Kills Dogs in Ohio
  180. In Mexico City, Dog Poo Bins Give Free WiFi In Exchange
  181. Merced Police Shoot at Injured Dogs and Cats at Shooting Range
  182. Human Interest: Homeless Dogs Given Hope-Filled Balloons
  183. Survey finds young adults overlook animal shelters
  184. Dan the dog is a fixture at local shelter
  185. NYT: Roll Over? Fat Chance
  186. CL: Your pitbull found me and I won't give her back. (Nashville,TN)
  187. Rising pit bull adoptions reflect breed’s changing image
  188. NatGeo: How To Build A Dog
  189. Rottweiler a father to abandoned wolf pup
  190. Devastating fire at Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter - Rockholds, Kentucky
  191. Dogs Watch And Understand How People Interact
  192. Indiana's unwanted dogs shipped to New England
  193. Pet malamute shot, killed by wolf hunter
  194. 11-Year-Old Boy Stops Traffic To Rescue Dog Hit By Car
  195. This washing machine is operated by service dogs
  196. Want to Fight Allergies? Get a Dirty Dog
  197. Black Dog Syndrome: Black dogs last to be picked at shelters because of their color
  198. Pet Photographer Helps Increase Adoptions at Worcester Animal Shelter
  199. Westminster change gives stage to mixed breed dogs
  200. Racing to Save the Stray Dogs of Sochi