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  1. Chefs in Bangkok prepare $25,000 meal (AP)
  2. Woman breaks tooth, wants town to pay (AP)
  3. Deputies find alligator during drug bust (AP)
  4. Truck spills 40 tons of cow intestines (AP)
  5. Postmaster shows lot of love in Fidelity (AP)
  6. Ky. man accused of stealing lingerie (AP)
  7. Philippine couples pucker up for world record (Reuters)
  8. Pillow fighting goes professional
  9. Family forces couple to divorce
  10. US worker fired for Iraq troop criticism
  11. Luxury loo a 'bathroom dream'
  12. Hang out with monkeys, win cash
  13. Cat survives being frozen in trough (AP)
  14. Students charged in online snow-day hoax (AP)
  15. Truck spills 165,000 eggs on Va. highway (AP)
  16. 6,124 couples kiss, break world record (AP)
  17. Man frees grandson from anaconda death grip (Reuters)
  18. Ugly side of work revealed
  19. Card makers capitalize on 'anti-V Day' (AP)
  20. Restaurant offers skinny models free meals (Reuters)
  21. One "bad apple" spoils the whole office (Reuters)
  22. Man-made shape explains how turtles self-right (Reuters)
  23. New literary twist added to laundry cycle (Reuters)
  24. Backyard bear gives N.J. woman a scare (AP)
  25. "Restaurant" for vultures serves health food (Reuters)
  26. Jail me, chocolate-eater urges (Reuters)
  27. Mirror considered for sunless village (AP)
  28. Foot found at Va. landfill is apelike (AP)
  29. Dog that fooled airport security caught (AP)
  30. Exotic pet startles Calif. investigators (AP)
  31. Wayward donkey proves to be elusive (AP)
  32. 'Bullwinkle is going to stomp somebody' (AP)
  33. NZ parachutist releases video of near-death fall (Reuters)
  34. Bathe in chocolate this Valentine's Day (Reuters)
  35. Farmer exasperated with wayward donkey (AP)
  36. Ore. students raise pigs for school trip (AP)
  37. Fat Oregon feline gets celebrity status (AP)
  38. Man charged after shooting his foot (AP)
  39. Castro signing cigar humidors for big Habanos fest (Reuters)
  40. "For sale" ad skirts hotel's chequered past (Reuters)
  41. EU legislators disobey own smoking ban (Reuters)
  42. Scientists to save 5,000-year-old embrace (Reuters)
  43. Teens turn out to be underarmed and dangerous... (Reuters)
  44. Chimps may have had their own Stone Age (Reuters)
  45. Connecticut man busted twice for drugs (AP)
  46. Zoo pays feng shui expert to aid monkeys (AP)
  47. Man allegedly fakes kidnap to hide crash (AP)
  48. Wisconsin man spears a 6-foot sturgeon (AP)
  49. Mexican man finds forty dinosaur prints in desert (Reuters)
  50. China villagers see red over green-painted quarry (Reuters)
  51. Toons to make wisecrack ringtones (Reuters)
  52. Happiness is a bald puppy (Reuters)
  53. Japan Valentine chocs send bitter messages (Reuters)
  54. Wisconsin man spears a 6-foot sturgeon (AP)
  55. Heartbroken donkey still on the lam (AP)
  56. Chinese workers paint mountain green (AP)
  57. Some advice to take to heart -- take a nap (Reuters)
  58. Alligator attacks golf course worker (AP)
  59. Mother cat adopts pup rejected by mother (AP)
  60. Fla. teen hiccuping for over 3 weeks (AP)
  61. Newborn ends up in Pa. woman's pant leg (AP)
  62. Cow: $571. DNA Test: $914. Results: Good (AP)
  63. Maltese Falcon stolen from restaurant (Reuters)
  64. Cat travels from Arkansas to Florida (AP)
  65. Vodka-fuelled fisherman wrestles with shark (Reuters)
  66. Turtle eaten by golden retriever lives (AP)
  67. British soldier's postcard 92 years late (AP)
  68. Man wins $25,000 lottery two days in row (AP)
  69. J.F.K. window sells for $3m
  70. Eek!: Men flee after seeing 'giant rat' (AP)
  71. Click here: Strange but True- Newborn Ends Up in Mother's Pant Leg -
  72. Britney Spears Goes Bald
  73. Thousands aim to break snow angel record (AP)
  74. Tiny duckling has rare mutation: 4 legs (AP)
  75. Mauresmo wins diamond studded racket (Reuters)
  76. Couple says please don't invite us to your wedding (Reuters)
  77. Twelve-step programme for e-mail addicts (Reuters)
  78. Florida baby as small as pen set to go home (Reuters)
  79. New Zealand fishermen land massive squid (Reuters)
  80. Police warn men about 'Hugging Bandit' (AP)
  81. Rats run wild in KFC-Taco Bell in N.Y. (AP)
  82. 1st Beaver spotted in NYC in 200 years (AP)
  83. Bus driver leaps off bus to save girl (AP)
  84. Declaration of Independence for $2.48 (AP)
  85. Child finds $1,300 in thrift store book (AP)
  86. N.J. town to set time limit on barking (AP)
  87. Beer bounty for cane toads
  88. Record amount paid for rare baseball card (Reuters)
  89. Summer hailstorm blankets Australian capital (Reuters)
  90. Tiger, orangutan babies playmates at zoo (AP)
  91. Home gets hit with suspected meteorite (AP)
  92. Wassup! Princes Pull Phone Prank on Queen Elizabeth II
  93. Starbucks steams at 'Starstrucks' coffee chain (Reuters)
  94. Model citizen Naomi left to mop up mistakes
  95. Missing words on $1 coins mystify U.S. Mint (Reuters)
  96. Aristocrat offers dog as best man at gay weddings (Reuters)
  97. Mo. man shares golf cart with bobcat (AP)
  98. Springfields vie for 'Simpsons' premiere (AP)
  99. Priests to purify site after Bush visit (AP)
  100. German settles divorce with chainsaw
  101. Man saves dog with mouth-to-snout action (AP)
  102. Americans increasingly medicating pets (AP)
  103. Building boom blamed for skunk sightings (AP)
  104. Car crash shakes NY teacher, pets (AP)
  105. Bet on for fate of Heather Mills' leg (Reuters)
  106. MP tries to Klingon to power
  107. Coach at game hours after giving birth (AP)
  108. Alligator found in Tennessee lake (AP)
  109. Lawyer: Man said unicorn caused crash (AP)
  110. Trucker wants name to be Ynot Bubba (AP)
  111. German police rescue 91-year-old man glued to roof (Reuters)
  112. Woman slips, swallows toothbrush
  113. Croc smuggler gets it off her chest
  114. Anna Nicole Smith diaries sell for over $500,000 (Reuters)
  115. New Zealand schoolgirls find there's no C in Ribena (Reuters)
  116. Stolen camera found with pictures intact (AP)
  117. Wanted in Ohio: two pizzas and a deadbeat parent (Reuters)
  118. Spanish man held after rescue from Niagara Falls (Reuters)
  119. Monster cane toad found in Australia (Reuters)
  120. Woman nabbed for teddy bear theft (AP)
  121. Wash. shelter finds homes for 110 birds (AP)
  122. Darth Vader, Chewbacca star on new U.S. stamps (Reuters)
  123. Maine couple to mark 80th anniversary (AP)
  124. Minn. lawmaker lobbies for Tilt-A-Whirl (AP)
  125. Mom allegedly tells girls to steal dog (AP)
  126. Crayola stickers plaster Pa. town (AP)
  127. Star Trek's Scotty plots last course for the stars (Reuters)
  128. Police: Man arrives at DUI hearing drunk (AP)
  129. Ala. woman on horseback charged with DUI (AP)
  130. Couple fights to name baby 'Metallica' (AP)
  131. Search comes up with snake in Google office (Reuters)
  132. Coyote visits Chicago sandwich shop (AP)
  133. Metallica 'no name for a girl'
  134. Woman saved by pile of poo
  135. Wolf grabs small dog and runs off (AP)
  136. NYC couple hail cab for 2,400-mile ride (AP)
  137. Cat catches bus to fish 'n chip shop
  138. Toronto's scoop on too much dog poop (Reuters)
  139. Canadian documentary says "Let's hate Toronto" (Reuters)
  140. Nailgun injuries soar among U.S. weekend warriors (Reuters)
  141. Pieces of Titanic transformed into luxury watches (Reuters)
  142. Hurley's father-in-law weighs in on wedding (Reuters)
  143. German dog plagues neighbours with loud music (Reuters)
  144. Rock song for Aussie miners who survived rock fall (Reuters)
  145. Friday the 13th is lucky for woman (AP)
  146. Graf needs stitches after Andre's miscue (AP)
  147. Men to be spanked in new town
  148. Man accused of drunken lawnmower driving (AP)
  149. Cat catches bus to fish 'n chip shop
  150. Canada mum freezes eggs so daughter can have child (Reuters)
  151. Woman gives birth to seven babies (Reuters)
  152. Mom, daughter give birth within minutes (AP)
  153. Shower lattes for late risers
  154. Riggs named most 'Beautiful Bulldog' (AP)
  155. Man diversifies by making pet caskets (AP)
  156. Give me a piece of the high life
  157. Drunk man parks horse in German bank (AP)
  158. It's Nugget or the mail in Utah suburb (AP)
  159. Dog-sheep swap scam or sham?
  160. Tiny terrier dies after saving 5 kids (AP)
  161. Stowaway cat beats security
  162. Wandering dog spray-painted 'Go Home' (AP)
  163. Fisherman hook live deer off coast
  164. Calf born with 6 legs on Nebraska farm (AP)
  165. Doctor finds spiders in boy's ear (AP)
  166. Man gets wallet back from 1946 Hudson (AP)
  167. Most-wanted part of $2M estate: the dog (AP)
  168. Man survives garbage truck crushing (AP)
  169. Dog helps rescuers find elderly owner (AP)
  170. Rescue team saves woman, dog and stew (AP)
  171. Survival chances improve for rare koala twins (Reuters)
  172. Blue-throated hummingbird discovered (Reuters)
  173. Mourinho's dog returns to Portugal (Reuters)
  174. Ashes of "Star Trek's" Scotty found after space ride (Reuters)
  175. Girl calls for police help over messy room (Reuters)
  176. Indonesian fisherman nets ancient fish (Reuters)
  177. Man sleeps through gunshot to the head (AP)
  178. Sleuth hired to find missing dachshund (AP)
  179. Man wrestles leopard hunting pet cat in bedroom (Reuters)
  180. Woman unwittingly rescues injured bobcat (AP)
  181. Staring at doggie in window no crime (AP)
  182. Illinois boy discovers blue-eyed cicada (AP)
  183. Dog bite forces Borg out of grasscourt return (Reuters)
  184. Aussie town reclaims pub crawl title
  185. Weapon fragment from 1800s found in whale (Reuters)
  186. Stolen Homer Simpson statue found (AP)
  187. Man carves cheese into Mount Rushmore (AP)
  188. Internet surfers save more than 800 cats (Reuters)
  189. Mud pit draws crowds at Redneck games (AP)
  190. Dog finally off Wash. state voter rolls (AP)
  191. Brothers recovering from double-goring (AP)
  192. Couple name baby Superman after '4Real' rejected
  193. Croc target spent week up tree
  194. The CIA is accused of editing Wikipedia
  195. 'Nightmare' tarantula rescued in N.Y. (AP)
  196. Dogs to take over NY swimming pools (AP)
  197. Helmsley's dog gets $12 million in will (AP)
  198. Snatched sniffer dog found in park (Reuters)
  199. Surfer rescues dog swept off Mich. pier (AP)
  200. Bar gossip leads to nasty surprise for couple (Reuters)