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  1. Australian Cattle Dog FAQs
  2. The Working Cattle Dog
  3. Before you Buy or Breed an ACD
  4. ACD Coat Colors
  5. ACD puppys/Growing
  6. Silky Hair on ACDs
  7. What a puppy is - read before you get one.
  8. Video...The Plight of the Dingo
  9. Dog breed test for mixes
  10. AKC ILP Program Renamed PAL
  11. ACD Breed Standard Information by Narelle Hammond-Robertson
  12. The ACD and its tail
  13. Does Your Dog Really Feel Guilty for Misbehaving?
  14. He Just Wants to Say Hi (Suzanne Clothier article)
  15. Some ACD questions
  16. ***COLORS- Info Only***
  17. Let's Get The ACD's & ASTCD's History RIGHT!
  18. ACDs in Europe
  19. Prey or Chasing?
  20. What can you tell bout this ACD?