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  1. For Chip
  2. Bentley's needed for Lucy!
  3. Bentleys for TwoLane, please!
  4. Binx went to the vet Today
  5. Please Light Those Bentleys for Bandit & Chase, & Book Sale to Fund Cancer Treatments
  6. Bentleys for Rody Jane
  7. Bentleys needed for Diana Moffatt - long-time AuCaDo rescue friend
  8. Bentleys needed for Grandma
  9. Bentleys for Bonny Zali
  10. Charlie needs Bentlys
  11. Gypsy May
  12. Bentleys needed for Angus
  13. Cowgirl is going to the Cardiologist
  14. Vet visit today
  15. Croydon nearly died last night heaps of bentleys needed
  16. Bentleys urgently needed for Croydon
  17. BLASTOMYCOSIS - Any other ACDs or ACD mixes that have had this horrible disease?
  18. Jeannine`s Aussie
  19. Bentleys needed again for croydon it's not good
  20. Asking for Bentleys for Cowboy Spike
  21. Bentleys needed for Grandma dog
  22. Bentleys needed for croydon again
  23. Bentleys for TwoLane
  24. Old man TwoLane
  25. Bentleys for Rody Jane
  26. Bentleys Needed for Pele